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Ted Danson is a famous actor in the United States and he has worked on many Hollywood Movies. But Ted Danson has a big achievement from the “Cheers” comedy-drama. In the “Cheers” series, Ted Danson has performed from 1982-1993 in the iconic role of “Sam Malone”. With the Cheers series, “Ted” also played the role in other shows like ‘Backer’, ‘CSI’, and ‘The Good Place’. 

Maybe you know about Ted Danson but perhaps you don’t know about his age, height, weight, and more. In this article, we will discuss the short biography of Ted Danson Net Worth in 2020, professional life, career, today’s net worth, personal life, and more facts 

Full Biography of Ted Danson 

Biography of Ted Danson 

Ted Danson Net Worth in 2020 $80 Million Dollars
Famous Name Ted Danson
Real Name or Full Name of Ted Danson Edward Ted Bridge Danson III
Sex or Gender Male
Ted Danson Age   73 Years Old 
Date of Birth (DOB) December 29th, 1947
Location of Birth San Diego, California, United States of America
Height of Ted Danson 6 feet 2 inches (1.88 meters)
Current Wight 78 Kg (Kilo Gram)
Kids or Children (2) kate Danson and Alexis Danson
Profession of Ted Danson Actor, Producer, Voice Actor, Author, and Activist
Wife Name of Ted Danson (3) Current (third) Маrу Ѕtееnburgеn, (m. 1995) Second Cassandra “Casey” Coates (m. 1977 to 1993) and First Randall alias “Randy” (m. 1970 to 1975)
Father (Name and Died) Name: Edward Bridge Danson, Died: 2000
Mother (Name or Died) Name: Jessica Denson, Died: 2006 
Citizenship of Ted Danson United States of America

Ted Danson Net Worth of 2020 To 2022

Edward Ted Bridge Danson III is a United States-born actor Net Worth reaching up to $80 Million Dollars and he has won seven (7) awards, two Primetime Emmy Awards, three Golden Globe Awards, and Two TV Legend Awards. Ted Danson is a great and famous actor, and he has performed around 100 acting roles in Hollywood movies and TV series. In 1999 Ted Danson got a star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood.

How Much is Ted Danson Worth?  

Ted is a film actor as well as a Film Producer, Film Author, Voice Actor, and Activist. The most famous actor Ted Danson Worth from the series “Cheers” was around $500 Thousand Dollars Per Episode, and in “Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)” Per Episode $250 Thousand Dollar. Only Ted Danson in Cheers drama seen in 86 episodes, then his annual earning from CSI is $21 Million Dollars. The famous Movie of Ted Dason is “Ѕаvіng Рrіvаtе Rуаn” that movie is earned from worldwide $480 million Dollars. 

Ted Danson Age and Early Life Introduction

The real name of Ted Danson is “Edward Ted Bridge Danson III” and he was born in San Diego, California, United States on December 29, 1947, now he is 73 years old. Its father or dad “Edward Bridge Danson” was an аrсhаеоlоgіѕt and director of the Musume from 1959 to 1975, after a few years his father died in 2000, and their mother Jessica Denson died in 2006.

Ted Danson Life

His upbringing in Flagstaff city in Arizona by his elder sister Jan. He studied at Kent school in Connecticut as well as he has playing with the basketball team. After passing school he  gone on Ѕtаnfоrd Unіvеrѕіtу for education and to them relocate the “Саrnеgіе Меllоn Unіvеrѕіtу”. In this university, he began his interest in acting and after a few years, he completed the bachelor’s degree in Fine Art in 1972. 

Ted Danson Spouse or Partner

The First Marriage of Ted Denson was 1970 to 1975 with actress Randall alias “Randy” Gosch. After taking a divorce from Randy, he got a second marriage with Cassandra “Casey” Coates in 1977. Around two years later December 24th, 1979 Ted Dadson and Casey delivered One child, and his name “Kate Danson”. But a few reasons Ted Danson divorce a second wife Casey in 1993.

This divorce is a very costly celebrity divorce because Ted Denson had to give $2 Million Dollars per year to Cassy Coates.

After breaking with Cassandra “Casey” Coates he has start dating his third wife (current wife) actors Маrу Ѕtееnburgеn on October 7th, 1994.

Relationship Details of Ted Danson

How many weddings did Ted Danson have? Three (3)
Current wife name of Ted Danson Маrу Ѕtееnburgеn (Third Wife)
The wedding date of Ted Danson with Mary Steenburgen October 7th, 1995
Children Name of Ted Danson  Kate Danson and Alexis Danson
First Wife of Ted Danson Randall (Randy)

Height and Weight of Ted Danson

The Current Weight of Ted Denson is 78 KG (KiloGram) and his Height is 1.88 meters ( Six feet and two-inch).

How many Fans and Followers on Social Media of Ted Danson?

  1. Facebook: According to the Facebook Page the number of Ted Denson fans is 21K. 
  2. Twitter: On Twitter account the number of followers of Ted Danson is 112K.
  3. Instagram: On his Instagram account his followers are around 380K.
  4. YouTube: On YouTube 280K Subscribers of Ted Denson.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Net Worth, Height, What is Profession and Date of Birth of Mary Steenburgen?     

The Net Worth of Ted Danson’s wife Mary Steenburgen is $80 Million Dollars. This Net Worth is combined with her husband of various decades. The Height of Marry Steenburgen is 1.727 meters (five feet and seven inches). The Birth of Mary Steenburgen in Newport, Arkansas, United States on 8th February 1953, now her age is 68 years old.

Ted Danson Movies and TV Shows

After graduating from “Саrnеgіе Меllоn Unіvеrѕіtу ”, Ted Danson started his career with a few guest appearances and a minor role in TV shows. The First Drama of Ted Danson was “ The Onion Field” in 1979 with Јаmеѕ Wооdѕ, Јоhn Ѕаvаgе, and Franklin Ѕеаlеѕ. From 1982 to 1993 he was working on “Cheers” comedy-drama, with the help of this series Ted Danson gave a big achievement.

Ted Danson Movies and Shows
Ted Danson Movies and Shows

How much money did Ted Danson make per episode on Cheers?

From Cheers comedy-drama, Ted Danson takes around $450 to $500 Thousand Dollars Per Episode. This episode was the first famous episode of Ted Danson.

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