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King Von is the most famous and popular singer, rapper, and songwriter of America. their first studio album “O’Block” was released in 2020.  After his popular rap game, they had caught  Lil Durk’s hand. Lil Durk is a famous rapper, with the help of Lil Durk it became a part of Lil Durk’s record labels “Empire Distribution” and “Only the Family”. After record label selection King Von published famous hits that earned him a degree in the emulous scene. 

How much Net Worth of King Von? After publishing his first album O’Block, a one week after his death, then the net worth of King Von was around $750 thousand Dollars. For more details of King Von, like King Von’s sister, tattoos, family, body, and for other facts continue reading.

Family of King Von

The full and real name of King Von is “Dayvon Daquan Bennett”, and his father was Mr. Walter E. Bennett. When King Von was 11 years old his father died. Mr. Walter was a businessman and was shot and killed by a rogue.

King Von family
King Von family

King Von mother was Mrs. Taesha and she is a housewife. He had a total of six brothers and sisters with King Von 

King Von sister 

Von Sister Kayla B is now trending on social media after King Von’s death. Kayla is recently making headlines that before Von died King Von was not in any type of relationship. Kayla says King Von broke relations with Dallas rapper, Asian Doll, a few months after shooting. 

After a few months of King Von death Kayal tweeted on twitter on 14 Jun 2021. “Today” is Von Baby “mama” Shower Wish, this line is shared with social media fans. It would be great if von was here, and Von’s sister would accept this talking. 

King Von Tattoos

Dayvon Daquan Bennett got several types of tattoos in our body, but we will discuss only twenty types of tattoos.

King Von Tattoos
King Von Tattoos
  1. “LA” Tattoo, this tattoo was made on his left hand.
  2. “OTF” Tattoo, this tattoo was made on his right hand, and the meaning of OTF is “Only The Family”.
  3. “64” Tattoo, this tattoo was made on his shoulders. The meaning of 64 is to be seen in the corner number of O’Block on the south phase of Chicago.
  4. The tattoo on his left arm, but on this tattoo doesn’t have any meaning.
  5. “LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS” Tattoo, this tattoo was made on his right forearm.
  6. “O Block Tattoo, this tattoo was made on his chest.
  7. A tattoo was made on his left arm.
  8. One tattoo was made on his left pec.
  9. A Tattoo was made on the center of the chest.
  10. One tattoo was made on his upper chest.
  11. Again one tattoo was made on his left hand.
  12. “Anchor” tattoo was made on his right forearm.
  13. One tattoo was made on his right pec.
  14. Again one tattoo was made on his chest.
  15. One tattoo was on his neck on the right side.
  16. One tattoo was on the left side.
  17. Again One tattoo was made on his left forearm.
  18. One tattoo was made on his right wrist.
  19. Again a tattoo was made on his left arm.
  20. “Life IS A GAMBLE” tattoo was made on his left shoulder.

King Von Body

King Von was a nice-looking young and smart boy and his personality was very attractive. The body weight of King Von was around 70 KG or 154 pounds. King Von’s hair and eyes were both black.

king Von Height

The height of King Von was 5 Feet and 10 Inches (178 cm) and his short and fashionable black color hair. According to Height and weight, his body was fit and healthy.

King Von Age

The Date of Birth of Dayvon Daquan Bennett was 9 August 1994 and at the time of death his age was around 26 years old. The place of birth of King Von is Chicago, Illinois, United States, and after a few years of birth, he lived in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

King Von sister

The nationality of King Von is American and he followed the Christianity religion. King Von passed Graduated from Hyde Park Academy with his friend rapper, G Herbo.

King Von Dreads

The birth of King Von was in the southern side of Chicago, this place is famous for high crime rates. From a young age, King Von become the part of the “Black Disciples” gang and his grandfather David Barksdale was the founder of the gang. When King Von was age around 19 their was arrested by police because he was accuse three charges, one count of murder and two counts of attempted murder. After putting the murder charges King Von spend time in jail for three and half years (3(years) and 6(months)). After getting out of jail King Von start his career as a Rapper. A few years later on 6 November 2020 King Von died. 

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