Luxury Flat in Noida

Unity The Amaryllis, located on New Rohtak Road in Karol Bagh, offers contemporary luxury homes. Boasting spacious 4, 5, and 6-bedroom apartments equipped with the latest amenities and facilities.

Residents will benefit from Club Concierge services at Amaryllis, including assistance in booking train/flight tickets and hard-to-get event tickets. In addition, The Amaryllis boasts an incredible one-kilometer Skywalk offering breathtaking views of Central Delhi and Lutyen’s Delhi.

Before buying luxury flat in Noida, check out The Amaryllis by Unity Group. 

  1. Location

Unity The Amaryllis offers luxury flats for sale in central Delhi that will meet all of your lifestyle needs, such as offering concierge service – ideal if you want to avoid having to commute every day!

The Amaryllis covers an expansive 40 acres and offers 4 BHK apartments to its residents. Registered with RERA, it also boasts an RERA-approved one-kilometer skywalk on the 20th floor providing breathtaking views of Connaught Place, Rashtrapati Bhawan, central and Lutyen’s Delhi as well as Lutyen’s Delhi itself. In addition, The project boasts numerous other amenities, such as jogging tracks, splash pools and viewing galleries for their users to take advantage of its magnificent surroundings!

The Amaryllis was developed using Post-Tensioned Slabs (PT slabs). This innovative construction technique uses high strength steel strands to compress concrete, saving on space. As a result, developers were able to build larger rooms and create an open feel. Furthermore, residents can customize their home however they like – ideal for creating truly personalized living space! The Amaryllis also offers a bespoke option so residents can design it to reflect their individuality and personality.

  1. Amenities

Luxury apartment living is the dream of many, but purchasing one equipped with world-class amenities makes the dream even sweeter. That is exactly what The Amaryllis by Unity Group provides with its grand entrance lobby and luxurious interiors; not to mention amenities such as club, temperature-controlled swimming pool, skywalk and banquet hall – not forgetting security services that ensure all your needs are taken care of!

The Amaryllis offers spacious 3 and 4-BHK apartments with large balconies that allow you to take in views of greenery around your home. As an eco-friendly project that maximizes its location, The Amaryllis also promotes healthy living as it features gym, swimming pool, squash court, cricket pitch, indoor games facilities and much more for a fulfilling life.

Post-Tensioned Slabs (PT slabs) were utilized in this project. This technology uses high strength steel strands to compress slabs, creating large column-free internal spaces while simultaneously decreasing reinforcement requirements allowing for increased floor area and design flexibility.

  1. Price

Noida has seen a significant surge in luxury flat demand driven by strong economic expansion and new job openings, leading to significant infrastructural development as well as investments in real estate projects that draw professionals, driving up demand.

Noida boasts lower land costs than its Delhi and Gurugram counterparts, enabling developers to offer luxurious apartments at more reasonable prices. Furthermore, its proximity to corporate hubs means employees can experience luxurious living close to work – an ideal combination for homebuyers seeking comfort and convenience in one package.

Noida is an increasingly attractive investment destination due to its dynamic economy and strong rental returns, drawing many to consider it for investment or living purposes. Due to high demand and limited supply, luxury apartments in Noida are in high demand from investors as an asset class investment opportunity and comfortable living option for residents alike. As a result, their price will only continue to skyrocket.

Many developers are offering luxury homes with an appealing mix of amenities and features to attract buyers. One such development is Godrej Palm Retreat in Sector 150 of Noida; featuring 430 resort-styled apartments along with eco-friendly design, Godrej Palm Retreat provides an unforgettable experience with tennis courts, squash courts, gym facilities, wall climbing walls climbing facilities yoga services concierge services all offering up a memorable lifestyle option for buyers.

  1. Developer

Unity Group is one of India’s acclaimed builders, having created numerous residential projects. Additionally, their company operates across various sectors such as manufacturing, hospitality, retail, education automobile and marble production – as well as being involved in real estate development and design. Their Amaryllis project located on New Rohtak Road in Karol Bagh central Delhi features luxury homes featuring spacious yet fun-filled rooms along with world-class amenities in four high rise buildings; options exist for 2-, 3-and 4-bedroom apartments in this luxury residential complex.

Benoy from the UK provided master planning, while GPMA from New Delhi worked on clubhouse design, clubhouse facade construction, structural aspects of building construction and MahaVastu for Vastu Consultancy services. To enhance your living experience further, The Amaryllis by Unity Group features multiple amenities to enrich it; multi-cuisine restaurant, state-of-the-art Gymnasium, Aerobics Room Bakery and Home Theatre are some of the features to enjoy during your time living there.

This development features double-glazed windows that reduce heat transfer, helping reduce energy use. Furthermore, its earthquake resistant structure and smoke detectors help ensure safety for you. Plus it is conveniently situated near major hubs like Rajouri Garden, Moti Nagar, and Karol Bagh – great locations all!

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