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Transport systems throughout the world can become overburdened, which makes freight brokers necessary. They possess extensive training and can offer an array of services.

The UAE is expanding its logistics infrastructure through projects such as Dubai South – home to the world’s largest airport – and Jebel Ali Port. They’re also working on improving workforce quality while streamlining regulations.

Al Nowras is rated as best logistics company in Dubai, offering one stop solution for all your logistics needs. 


Al Nowras offers comprehensive logistics services that cover transport, warehousing and custom clearance to its clients. Their dedicated team of employees can manage any logistics requirement in an efficient and safe manner while their fleet of trucks ensure that goods arrive quickly and safely at their destinations.

Al Nowras Logistics Company has earned a strong reputation for excellent customer service and top quality work, offering companies in the Middle East various logistic solutions such as customs clearance, warehousing and many others. Furthermore, this firm provides air freight and sea freight options.

Omani logistics industry is highly regulated, with strict standards and regulations in place to protect cargo. This industry plays an essential role in driving economic development within the country and providing thousands of jobs. Therefore it is vitally important that you work with a company who understands all of its intricacies while offering you cost-effective solutions that meet all your specific requirements – Al Nowras is one such logistics provider located within GCC that offers this type of service to clients.


This company provides warehouse services for the storage and delivery of imported goods at ports and airports, including transportation and delivery directly to customer doors. Their warehouses are equipped with racks, conveyors and forklifts – as well as providing management that involves monitoring inventory levels and resolving supply chain issues. In addition to warehousing services, this company also provides other logistics services.

As Manager, Freight & Shipping at Atlantis Dubai, you will be accountable for coordinating and tracking import shipments into Dubai using air, sea and road freight channels from various global destinations. Your responsibilities will include arranging inbound freight via air, sea or courier delivery as well as customs clearance, port to door delivery and coordination with freight forwarders. In addition, equipment must also be prepared for shipment by verifying location and directing movement towards staging area prior to being shipped out for shipment; financials associated with these processes need also managed. To perform effectively this role successfully at Atlantis Dubai as Manager Freight & Shipping you require a University degree as well as excellent communication skills both written and oral!

Customs Clearance

Customs clearance is an integral component of logistics processes, ensuring goods arrive safely and efficiently at their destinations while meeting all tax payments and paperwork obligations. Understanding local customs requirements will help avoid costly delays while guaranteeing your shipment is processed correctly.

Oman’s logistics industry is an integral component of its economy, employing thousands of people while contributing to economic growth and creating employment for its citizens. Due to rigorous regulations put in place to protect goods in transit, selecting a reputable logistics provider offering customs clearance services in Oman is paramount.

Al Nowras Logistics Solution was established in 2007 as one of Oman and UAE’s premier logistics firms. Specialising in customs clearance and shipping goods between Gulf Cooperation Council countries through road, air, or sea freight options; their fleet includes flatbed, lowbed, long deck, triple axle and air suspension trucks capable of transporting bulky goods.


Al Nowras Logistics Solution was established in 2007, and today stands as one of the premier logistics firms in Sultanate of Oman and UAE serving all GCC countries. Specializing in custom clearance and shipment by road, air or sea freight options within GCC countries using more than 200 owned trucks with various types including flatbed, lowbed, long deck triple axle air suspension vehicles capable of transporting bulky cargo shipments; its clients include large multinational corporations.

Our company can manage end to end special cargo transport, customs clearance and warehousing services for your business, as well as provide bonded transportation and project logistics solutions. Their team of specialists are always on standby to offer superior support.

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