Rod Wave Net Worth

Rod Wave Net Worth,  Early Life, Career, Music Style, Quotes : Rod Wave is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. He Rod  was born on August 27, 1999. His passion for singing began at an early age when he was raised in St. Petersburg, Florida. He began rapping as early as in his fifth grade. Rod Wave real name is Rodarius Marcell Green.

He recognised his own potential. He just required to keep learning and developing himself till he saw himself on the massive stage. However, life is very hard for those people who have great dreams. Because his goals may have begun as a child, yet his professional career began many years later, in 2015.

He came to popularity through the hit song “Heart On Ice” in 2019. Rod Wave get more with the chart-topping tunes “Heart Break Hotel,” “Bag,” and “Tomorrow.”Today, Rod Wave net worth is in the millions.

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Rod Wave Net Worth in his Early Life 

Rodarious Marcell Green was born on August 27, 1999, in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA (United States). His mother was his primary caretaker. His parents divorced while he was in elementary school. Even after their divorce, his father took care of him. Rod’s father is a street hustler who was imprisoned before Rod started middle school.


Rod’s financial situation was shaky in his early days. He was even involved in criminal acts such as vehicle theft, drug dealing, and house robbery. He has been arrested and jailed for armed robbery and carrying a concealed weapon.

After his father was released from jail, Wave changed his work and life path and give up all criminal activity. He also completed his education by enrolling in Lakewood High School. Rod was always interested in singing. From his fifth grade,  he used to sing songs.

Rod Wave made his rap debut in 2016 with the smash singles Heartbreak Hotel, “Gambling,” and “Think Too Much,” then a year later with his Hunger Games mixtape.

We do not have an exact figure about Rod Wave net worth in his early life.

Rod Wave Age and How Tall Rod Wave is 

rod wave age

Rod Wave age is 22 years and if you search the answer of How Tall is Rod Wave then He is 5ft & 6in or 1.67 meter.

Full Name Rodarious Marcell Green
Birth Date 27th August 1999
Birth Place St. Petersburg, Florida, U. S.
Age 22 Years
Nationality American
Profession Rapper
Horoscope Virgo
Girlfriend Kelsey aka Dee
Net Worth 2.5 million US Dollor

Career of Rod Wave 

In 2017, the young rapper came back with a vengeance, releasing another mixtape named “Rookie of the Year.” He got tremendous play on mostly all streaming platforms after releasing the mixtape.

He then joined Alamo Records and released his first PTSD album in 2019. Wave has worked with notable artists such as E-40, Lil Drunk, LPB Boody, Kevin Gates, and Moneybagg Yo to cement his place in the rap game.

In November 2019, he released his debut solo album, “Ghetto Gospel.” The album was a smashing success, peaking at number ten on the US Billboard 200. On April 3, 2020, he will release his second album, “Pray 4 Love.”

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Rod Wave Second Album

Rod’s second album debuted at number two on the Billboard 200. The hit song “Rags2Riches” is included on the album. On March 26, 2021, he released his third and most recent album, “SoulFly.” All of these accomplishments have significantly contributed to Rod Wave’s net worth and wealth.

Music Style of Rod Wave

Rod Wave age is 22 years but music style is very different.  We can say, Rod Wave is a one-of-a-kind music industry personality. His music is considered a modern take on the mix of hip hop and R&B. He smoothly switches between singing and rapping, both of which are quite melodic.

Rod like to focus on the lyrics and commonly chooses slower tempos, which are accompanied with music that aids in clearly and deliberately expressing the song’s topics.

Another unique characteristic of Rod Wave is that he avoids recording his music in studios on purpose. He and another sound engineer set up the equipment wherever the mood strikes them and record there and then.

Rod Wave prefers this recording process because it matches how intimate he considers the music; he does not want to go into a studio with hundreds of other musicians and record material they have never created or seen before. He wishes for both the music and the approach to be identifiable as his.

Rod Wave Relationship with Kelsey and Rod Wave Girlfriend

Rod Wave Girlfriend

rod wave age

 Kelsey H. He is now in a relationship with Kelsey H. Kelsey gave him two twin children. There isn’t much information about his love life available.

rod wave girlfriend

Rod was involved in a near-fatal vehicle accident in early 2000. He had internal bleeding in the brain as a result of the accident. Through the song “Through the Wire,” he describes a bad occurrence in his life.

Rod Wave Net Worth

Songwriter Rod Wave has grown from a street fighter to a super star. He has a good purpose to get out of bed every morning, write music about real life, and entertain people with his albums. His massive fan base may easily identify with him. His days of adversity made him appear honest and direct from the heart, which was greatly appreciated. Rod Wave net worth is $2.5 million, with 20 million streams, and he is now signed to Alamo Records.

rod wave net worth 2021

Rod Wave’s primary sources of income are music and brand endorsements. With each tune on the album, Ghetto Gospel, receiving a million individual streams, he demonstrated that talent knows no bounds! Rod Wave’s net worth has increased by more than 60% per year. This year, his annual income is expected to be over $350,000.

Upcoming Rod Wave Concert and Events

With over 40 concerts planned in the next six months, this famous YouTube entertainer has 29 million views weekly. The massive fan base is attracted by his life force voice. “Who can you trust in this cold world, better get a blanket,” he says. It is only a matter of time until this young singing sensation becomes a household name. Rod Wave’s Instagram account has 4.3 million active followers as a result of his recent single “Soulfly.” With three albums, five mixtapes, several hits, and certified songs, this young singer has set his sights on Platinum. You can get more information about Rod Wave Concert from various sources.

Best Inspirational Rod Wave Quotes About Life And Struggle

rod wave quotes

  1. Music saved my life.
  2. Got me on my knees, I’m askin’ God what’s my purpose.
  3. Death gotta be easy cause life is fu##ing hard.
  4. Don’t let Nobody Who gave up on there dreams talk you outta yours.
  5. Dreams come true, you gotta chase it.
  6. Do I want to deal with the pain that tomorrow brings, might grab a gun.
  7. I give my heart to whoever, they take it and they ran.
  8. Nobody perfect, Just Admit you were wrong and get it Right This Time.
  9. An apology without change is just manipulation.
  10. Somehow I keep on all my friends, I came to the conclusion it’s not them.
  11. Before you get one win, you gotta take a thousand losses.
  12. Ain’t no love in this s**t foreal they only love what you can do for em.
  13. Before it gets better, it’s gon get worse.
  14. If you think you know anything bout me what you heard just know you way off.
  15. Get some money travel see the world you’ll feel way better.
  16. They turn they back and they leave you , they gone be back when they need you.
  17. It takes a strong, strong heart to heal a broken soul.
  18. The only thing guaranteed is death and the most valuable thing we have is time.
  19. Life is too short to tolerate stuff that doesn’t make you happy.
  20. You only live one time don’t spend it doing something you hate. Chase your dream kid.
  21. My darkest times taught me to shine.
  22. It’s like ppl focus on lookin happy more than being happy.
  23. Just know it’s gon get tough, it’s gon get rough. But when you’ve had enough, you can’t give up.
  24. Just cause they couldn’t do it doesn’t mean u can’t.
  25. Before it gets better, it’s gon get worse.
  26. You are looking for a rich nig*a and not a real ni*ga that’s why you are falling short.
  27. God bless the child that can hold his own.
  28. Either way I hope you love it thank you for everything.
  29. What’s the point of life if you can’t enjoy it.
  30. If they don’t got a story these days they’ll make one.

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