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The National Football League is back in action for the new season. We look forward to the more exciting matches that will happen throughout the season. As we cruise through the new season, you can check NFL odds to place your bets and try your luck to win real money.

Aside from betting, consider playing the new Madden NFL game to have a feel of the sport. If you’ve been following the video game franchise, you can tell that it has been around for many years and has always been delivered in terms of features and gameplay. And as the years go by, the graphics improve and are more exciting to play. 

With Madden 23 out now, you should take the time to check it out, but before you do, you should know a few things about this game. It would help if you learned about the features, price, and other essential details when they hit the market. You can start playing for leisure or competitively against others online. 


One thing we can’t get over in the Madden 23 video game is the array of features available. You can enjoy your gaming experience with this title. It is filled with many exciting in-game features that make it worthwhile. So, we’ve highlighted some of the features that you will enjoy when you play this game. 

Franchise Mode Updates and Free Agency

We’ve always enjoyed the Franchise Mode in the Madden NFL game. However, this new release has updates to make the gameplay more enjoyable. Before, now you could buy players by offering money to whomever you wanted. But with this new update and feature, money won’t be the only factor in acquiring players. 

Motivations have become part of the factors to consider. You can even sign top players with less money if you have the right reason, such as being a Super Bowl contender. Aside from that, players will look at the historical relevance of the team, its form, and even the weather where the team plays. So, the feature makes this game more realistic. 

Better Scouting Tactics

Scouting is a big part of the Franchise Mode. You can use the various scouting tactics available if you want to hire new players. These tactics will improve your result on prospects quicker than before. It will also help you spot top rookies with that X-Factor ability that can help improve your team, making you more competitive. 

Gameplay Animations and FieldSense

Every new release of Madden NFL tries to come with upgraded gameplay animations, making the game more realistic. And one of the additional features that set Madden 23 apart is the FieldSENSE technology added to give a new 360-degree cut feature, allowing players to change direction and plant their foot in the grass quickly. 

Tackle battles are also back in the Madden 23 game. With this, players can mast buttons to fight for additional yards with a higher chance of fumbling. You’ll also have access to new celebrations, so you can use the tutorial mode to learn the controls for various celebration styles. 

Release Date

On the 19th of August 2022, the Madden NFL 23 video game was released to the public, and every player could grab one and start playing. Like other game versions, you can play on your mobile, PC, and consoles. So, as you prepare to check out Vegas NFL odds, you can pick up this exciting game. 

It is available in many parts of the world, and the excitement is the same across various countries. Therefore, consider playing this game if you want to enjoy the league more and have a more realistic experience.  


The price for this video game varies based on the device you’re planning to use. However, if you’re planning to play the standard edition for next-generation consoles, the price is $69.99. Meanwhile, it is $10 cheaper for last-generation consoles and PCs, with the price set at $59.99. Finally, the All-Madden edition is available for $99.99. 

Our Thoughts

The Madden NFL video game is an exciting franchise with many interesting features. The new release brings a different experience to the series. So, you can expect to enjoy the video game better. Therefore, as you bet on NFL lines, you can pull up a friendly matchup or connect to the internet to play against other fans. 

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