Features to Consider When You Buy a Gaming Mouse

When it comes to gaming on a PC, specific gadgets need to be put to use for efficient and smooth gameplay. A gaming mouse is an essential gadget for gamers as it facilitates peak performance in gameplay. You can also use it for your daily life or all your hobbies, like making Super Bowl predictions or other sports picks. 

A gaming mouse and a regular mouse would serve the same purpose when it comes to playing games with it but what stands a gaming mouse out from a regular mouse is the tailored features that enhance the gamer’s experience while playing and the competitive edge it gives players.

What makes a gaming mouse is the advanced optical or laser sensor for fast and precise movement and some form of customization. When opting to buy a gaming mouse, there are vital factors a gamer needs to consider, including your gaming preference and your budget; a gaming mouse doesn’t come cheap, but it is worth the cost if you genuinely desire fast gameplay.

However, every gaming mouse has unique features that stand it out. Read along as we analyze certain features to look out for when buying a gaming mouse as a gamer that wants to enjoy captivating gameplay on a PC.

Weight and Size

It is crucial to consider the weight and size of a mouse when getting a gaming mouse because it determines the gamer’s ability to enjoy his gaming style, as everyone has their preference, which is either a light or heavy gaming mouse. Weight and size matter greatly and can significantly impact how you play your favorite titles.

Most gaming mouse options have an average weight of about 100 grams. And, if you find this too heavy or too light, rather than adjust to it, you can go for a model that has an adjustable canister that allows you to fine-tune the weight and size to your preferred choice. 

When we talk about size, a gamer looking to buy a gaming mouse should consider the one that best fits the grip of his hand so he can move it conveniently, as a mouse bigger or smaller can bring about so much discomfort for the gamer. 

Polling Rate and DPI

DPI, which is known as Dots Per Inch, is a measurement of the sensitivity of the mouse to move, which translates into the movement of the cursor on your display; the more sensitive a mouse is, the faster it can move from one part of your screen to the other.

Gamers who play shooter games will find it very useful as it enhances swift movement and aiming while playing.  

Notably, the size of one’s screen is a determinant factor of an appropriate DPI, as a larger screen demands a higher DPI mouse because it results in a more significant mouse movement on the screen per inch of the mouse’s progress. The process can enhance one gaming experience.

A mouse polling rate is how often it reports its position to a computer. The polling rate is measured in Hz.

It is essential to consider a mice polling rate when gaming on titles that requires speed, precision, and accuracy. Having a higher polling rate than your opponent gives your an opportunity at the first shot, as your input will be the first, giving you an edge in speed and performance.  

Reliability and Inputs

It is essential to consider how reliable a mouse is before going ahead to buy it, as a mouse tends to have a lot of moving parts, which makes it prone to a lot of wear and tear, so it is no surprise that gaming mice do malfunction. Still, a reliable mouse should last a couple of years before any issue arises.

Type of Connection

When considering buying a gaming mouse, the type of connection needs to be noted. At the same time, the wired mouse is mainly connected through fixable cables. Meanwhile, the wireless mouse option uses Bluetooth or an infrared interface with a USB adapter.

Wireless mouse is quite notable for their convenience as it is ideal for easy mobility as they eradicate unnecessary wires hanging around. However, it has drawbacks regarding connectivity compared to the wired mouse.

RGB Functionality and Mouse Pad

The RGB gaming mouse pad is a vibrant, durable mousepad built for pro-level gaming. Features a low-friction surface optimized for optical and laser mice sensors and peak performance.

Its primary function is preventing slippage during a heated battle with the help of its five large rubber pads on the bottom.

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