How to Pick a Color for an Accent Wall

Are you thinking of repainting your walls at home or at work but having trouble with which color scheme to choose? Do you want to stay safe or do you want to add more fun and excitement to your home?

If you are not sure what to do, an accent wall is the answer to that dilemma. An accent wall is an excellent way to update the look of your interior without the need to paint the rest of the walls. It is an easy, stylish, and flexible way to add depths to your walls.

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What is Accent Wall?

It is a certain part of your wall (interior or exterior) that can have a different color, design, texture, or shade from the rest of the walls in that room. By taking only a portion of your wall, you will be able to beautifully transform that space without spending too much. 

Besides, you do not run the risk of painting the walls with a color that you will end up regretting at the end. An accent wall will refresh the look of the entire room in an easy yet clever way.

How to Choose the Right Accent Wall

This is a common question almost everyone asks when styling their homes or offices. Choosing the right accent wall needs time to come up with the right decision.

Which wall should be the accent wall? Whether it is your bedroom, kitchen, or living room you want to add an accent wall to, the answer is simply to identify that part of the room where your eyes will instantly drift to the moment you enter the room.

Selecting the Right Accent Wall Color

After deciding which wall should be the accent wall, it is now time to pick the right color. Your choice of color should highlight the existing interior design. It should be something that will complement the design that is already there.

With so many colors to choose from, the selection should work with the already established tones. The color you choose should match the mood you want to achieve. Do you want to add more warmth to your personal sanctuary? And do you want your living room to be fun and livelier? Do you want it cozy?

While using your favorite color for your wall accent is effortless, remember it is always best to go ask for an expert’s opinion. But most of the time, muted shades are the best choice when it comes to accent wall colors. Bold colors like shocking pink can be too much and will only end up as a distraction instead.

Do not use dark tones for accent walls in dark spaces or you will end up creating a heavy aura in that certain area. If still unsure which color to go for, use the color wheel to choose the right hue that coordinates with the existing shades.

Experiment and play with your color scheme. Figure out the perfect contrast to your already existing dark or light colors to make the room more spacious, welcoming, fun, or something that will express your creativity and personality.


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