Tips to Choose an Ergonomic Computer Chair

A computer chair is an integral part of a workplace. When sitting on such a chair, your thighs should be placed horizontally, feet planted on the floor, and arms level with the desk. There should also be no strain on your back, and you should be able to sit in this position for a considerable time without slouching. An ergonomically designed computer chair addresses all these key points. So, it’s always essential to buy computer chairs having ergonomic features, which allow proper blood circulation. Moreover, such chairs also have a high back and lumbar support, which helps all types of people to sit comfortably. If you are searching for a computer chair, you’ll find the following list of points quite handy to make a sound buying decision.

Lumbar Support

Lumbar refers to the lower back area. Sitting for extended periods on a chair that doesn’t provide any support to this area leads to a slouched posture. It also strains structures present in the lumbar spine. An ergonomic computer chair should provide adequate lumbar support. If you provide proper support to your lower back, you’ll be able to sit for a long time without experiencing any discomfort and back stiffness problems.

Adjustable Height

A chair with an adjustable seat height proves useful for various people. In many cases, the chair isn’t used by a single person. Many people may use it, and their height may be different from yours. So, an ergonomic chair should have a seat height that you can adjust to accommodate other people. You should be able to modify the height so that you can look directly at the monitor screen.

Roller Wheel Base

When working, you might have to move from one place to another in your room to carry multiple tasks. With wheels on your office chair, you can quickly move without standing up. Computer chairs having roller wheels under them allow the user to revolve 360 degrees around the weight central axis. If your desk or table is on a hard surface, look for chairs with soft rubber wheels. On the other hand, if the desk is on the carpet, buy chairs with hard wheels.

Easy to Control Chair Adjustment.

A good ergonomic computer chair can be customized as per your needs. You should also be able to control it to get more comfort and support. You should be able to reach the controls while you are seated on the chair without putting in too much effort. An ergonomic computer chair allows you to modify the tilt, change its height, and swivel while you are seated. Chairs having a synchrony mechanism with tension control allows you to adjust it as per your needs. Generally, comfortable office chairs have two levers at the base, which enable the user to adjust them according to their requirement.


The presence of armrests depends on things like your movement throughout the day. Your arms and shoulders need to be fully relaxed when on the armrest. Your elbows should rest slightly on them. Look for chairs having detachable armrests. You can remove the armrests when you are engaged in tasks that require more mobility and attach them back when you have to sit for an extended period.

Note down all the points and features mentioned in this article to get a high-quality office computer chair. A chair having these features will support your body adequately. It, in turn, will keep you focused and productive throughout the day.

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