technoblade net worth

Technoblade Net worth?

If you are looking for the answer for What is the net worth of Technoblade then you are the right place. But before it Who is Technoblade.

Technoblade is a well-known Twitch streamer and YouTuber. The real of this young influencer is Dave.

How old is Technoblade Gaming YouTuber?


Dave took birth on June 1, 1999, and his age is 21 years old. His birthplace is San Francisco, California (USA). However, his parents had legally separated in the year 2016. Now, he stays with his daddy. In his extending family, he has one brother and three younger sisters. He is close to his siblings.

He did not reveal much information about his family members. On the other hand, he enrolled in a local school and college for completed his formal education.

YouTube Gaming

Technoblade showed his interest in gaming in his school days and soon followed his passion. His family members appreciated his skills and helped him to follow his passion too.

Details about Technoblade Net worth 


As of 2021, the net worth of Technoblade is around $800K-$1.2 million. Technoblade net worth earned through his YouTube channel and gaming business. Furthermore, he is earning a decent income. On the other hand, he wants to invest money to take his gaming business to the next level in the coming years.

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Technoblade Personal Life, Girlfriend & Affairs 

The 21-year-old American YouTuber did not mention any information related to his girlfriend and love affairs. We will reveal the details about his personal life soon when we will get the official confirmation. On the other hand, the American gamer wants to focus on his gaming career.

Now, he wants to establish himself as a popular gaming personality in the world. He participates in gaming competitions. However, he is in the trending news due to his Twitter controversies. He posts several things through his official Twitter account.

Technoblade Career Timeline as a Gamer & YouTuber 

Dave is a famous YouTuber and Gamer popular with the names Technothepig or Techno. He prepares the video related to Minecraft, and his videos are streaming on the popular online Streaming platforms Twitch and YouTube. He became among the best-rated Minecraft players.

Furthermore, he has known for his tactics and gaming strategies. He plays games on SMP Earth, Dream SMP, Minecraft Mondays, MC Championship, and Minecraft Server Hypixel. Additionally, he is aware of how to use the techniques in the Player vs. Player games.

He has become part of Sleepyboisnic with TommyInnit, Ph1LzA, and Wilbur Soot. On the other hand, he tries to entertain fans with a friendly rivalry with Dream. Dream is a popular Minecraft YouTuber like Dave.

Technoblade Gamer
Technoblade Socialblade

He has a sarcastic and dark humor personality. The gamers of the Minecraft personality call him cocky and self-centered. Dave won four times the Minecraft tournament and earned the PIG+++ rank on hypixel.

Earlier, he had uploaded a YouTube video showing the list of his awards. He started a YouTube channel titled Studiolore before starting his career as a gamer. Furthermore, he posted Fornite videos and Roblox Sword Fight videos on his YouTube channel when he was 13 years old.

Then, he decided to start his career in Minecraft and soon became a successful personality. Dave earned the rankings PIG, PIG+, PIG++, and PIG+++ on Hypixel. He won the first position in the MC Championships 4. He had won the dodgebolt tournament too.

On the other hand, he earned the second position in the MC Championship 9. Then, he became the only player winning the Minecraft Mon-Day gaming tournament. He donated around $116,000 to the Miracle. Hypixel Forum had revealed a shocking thing about him on September 27, 2013.

The forum disclosed a Tweet of Dave in which he revealed that he suffered from AHAD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). In the clips of Skyblock Potato War, he had called the minions slaves. He compared it with the annoying things related to Hitler.

Apart from that, he became a successful gamer and YouTube personality. He posts several gaming videos on his YouTube channels. From his popularity, Technoblade’s net worth has increased in the last years.

Technoblade Twitter Controversy 

Technoblade landed in a controversy on Twitter. However, he had posted a series of racial tweets on May 30, 2020. He mentioned that murder is a bad thing. Soon, his Twitter message circulated widely.

Then, he received death threats from the people. Dave had deleted all the messages from his official Twitter account. However, the messages remained to trend online for a long time. He dislikes it if anyone calls him by his real name.

Technoblade Twitter Controversy
Technoblade Twitter Controversy

A few months ago, he had posted a donation link for George Floyd. The people started thinking that Technoblade is racist. According to him, he had no bad intention for sharing that donation link on the online portals.

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