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Make Your Resume Stand Out in 2021: A resume plays a very important role in the selection of an individual for a particular job according to the qualifications and achievements. It is very crucial to put forward the best of your skills in the resume as the recruiter will see your resume before deciding to meet you in person. The area of expertise should be clearly stated in a resume to paint a clear picture for the recruiter. 

The industry of resume writing services in India is growing rapidly because the rush for the desired job is getting higher by every period. Either you can hire one resume writing service provider who will talk to you over a call or skype before proceeding to make a resume that would take at least 2 to 4 days or you can try to make your resume, in both cases you will have the authority to check the resume and rewrite it by yourself or by the professional and for that, you will have to keep the following ways  in mind that will help you resume get the deserved attention:

Reviewing and Reformatting To Make Your Resume Stand Out

There is always a scope of improvement in everything we do and just like that there always are chances of improvement in your resume. A resume speaks for an individual before a personal meet thus even the font style you choose will affect the impression on the recruiter. Try the fonts that represent your style, updating the fonts according to the need is also a better way and many free templates are available on the web as well. Never forget to add new information about the achievements or works you did.

Reformatting the resume is also significant, especially when you want to add a page or two to your already two or three-page resume. You must eliminate the jobs that are irrelevant to the one you are looking forward to as it will also show the utter focus of yours towards the same kind of job as well as the recruiter will not have to go from unnecessary information. 

Addition of Hyperlinks 

Usage of Hyperlinks is a smart move as they can be safely used to replace information without sacrificing its honesty. Hyperlinks can be used to replace brief descriptions of companies one has worked for by the addition of their website’s link. Including links to the professional profile plays a significant role and hiring managers tend to look at the skills and endorsements page of the LinkedIn profile specifically. 

Hyperlinks can also be used to share the work you would like to show to the recruiter. For this, you can create a web page and attach the link for the same. If you have achieved any awards then add a link to that as well. 

Showcase your statements to Make Your Resume Stand Out

People tend to say a lot in their resumes but fail to showcase anything. An average recruiter will only spend a few seconds reviewing a resume and you have to make an impression in these few seconds or else you are out of the hunt. You need to be creative too, add some graphics for telling your professional journey, and if not find other ways to be creative because many resumes will come to the recruiter at once, and for standing out, making that extra effort will be appreciated. 

Do not be very cartoonistic or casual unless it is needed, you have to be creative but professional as well. Be thoughtful of the colors you choose and the fonts to be used while making a resume. Resumes are accepted in many ways now but stick to the Microsoft version or the PDF one as others might not open in time in few cases but these two types will not disappoint you. 

Proofread your Resume 

It is very important to read out the resume at least thrice before sending it to the recruiter. You might be an individual with a high intellect but mistakes can be there, spellings can be incorrect and grammar can be used badly, these will affect your chances to be hired and that is why proofreading your resume is very important. A well-written resume will reflect professionalism and your chances of getting hired will increase. There are many tools available for proofreading but it is better to share the resume with a well-trusted friend for reviewing purposes. 

Keep your education section well versed 

It is important to give your educational qualification details in the resume. A certain kind of job looks for people who have a degree that resonates with the job title and preferences are given to individuals having those qualifications. It is very crucial to mention about the highest education you have done and also about the experiences you have had regarding the job you are willing to do. Do not underestimate the value of your education or any kind of degree you own as these factors are highly beneficial for being accepted as an employee. 

Use active language 

The resume should be written using active language and one should neglect using irrelevant words. You can use words such as achieved, earned, completed, etc. Your resume should not be very long, and to avoid inconvenience consider concisely writing shorter sentences. 


Writing an appropriate and unique resume is very important. You should put extra effort while writing a resume as it will decide your selection or rejection at first glance. If you are finding it too overwhelming then you can hire Resume Writing Service in India and can take professional help to build a fantastic resume. 

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