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Choosing the Right Pallet Rack Installation Team: Ask the Questions before Hiring



Pallet Rack Installation Team

There is no one-and-done job when it comes time to install your pallet racks. The safety of your workers, the integrity of your inventory, and the freedom of movement for people and vehicles inside your facilities are all dependent on them. Choosing the right pallet racking installers team may make all the difference, so make sure you ask the correct questions before selecting a crew. Check out this list of essential inquiries before hiring a project team.

Do You Know Who’s Doing the Job?

Many material-handling enterprises contract out the installation of their equipment to third-party companies. It necessitates a thorough investigation of the installation contractor’s background and qualifications. It would help if you asked whether they have any information on the business that will be putting in the new system, including their name, address, and phone number. The provider may be contacted directly to find out more about their qualifications, their history, and customer satisfaction evaluations with this basic information.

No matter who you use, verify that they are insured before handing over your money.

Anyone who owns an insured company will provide proof of insurance. A certificate of insurance must be on file at all times. So that the installer’s insurance policy will cover their work, make sure you are included on the subcontractor’s insurance certificate as well. Workers’ compensation and insurance cover injuries and damage if you fail to check their insurance and an accident occurs, resulting in extra expenditures and higher rates.

Is their installation strategy in line with the norms of the industry?

The Racking Manufacturing Institute (RMI) offers detailed standards and suggestions to ensure warehouse pallet racking installers safely and securely. Ascertain whether or not the installers are adhering to the specifications set out by both the manufacturer and RMI for your specific pallet rack systems. Additionally, ensure that at least one anchor per column anchors the rack. If a racking column sustains an impact, this will prevent it from moving. All rack columns must be attached to the floor using anchor bolts to withstand force.

When interviewing potential installers, what kinds of references should you look for?

Check out other warehouses in your size and scope and get written and verified recommendations from them. When looking for a contractor, be sure they have previous experience working in a facility like yours. Find out what sort of job they accomplished, whether they were clean, arrived on time, and if the project was done promptly when they gave references. Is there anything they could have done better? Inquire about how well they communicated with you about the project’s progress.

Do They Know How to Use All of the Necessary Equipment?

Forklifts, scissor lifts, boom lifts, and other lifting equipment are only some of the tools needed for pallet racking installation. Inquire about the certifications and re-certifications of the equipment operators working on your project.

How to Verify the Installer’s Safety Record?

Worker’s compensation insurance policies are sold with an experience mod rating. Inexperienced firms are given a 1.00. If no workman’s compensation claims are filed, the EMR number may go down from year to year. The EMR number might climb if workers’ compensation claims are filed. Example: 0.95 EMR is less risky than the average, whereas 1.10 EMR is riskier than the average.

During the Installation, Is the Business OPEN?

The installation should complete their task without disrupting your facility’s daily operations (if that is your desire). For the most part, your installers will be able to sequester certain portions of your warehouse during installation so that the remainder of your warehouse may remain open. If you’re going to do anything, you need to know precisely what you’re going to do.

Is there an OSHA-10 certification on their resume?

A minimum of 10 hours of OSHA training is required for OSHA-10 certification, indicating actual performance, competence, and professionalism. When you meet with an OSHA 10 qualified worker, they should bring their OSHA 10 certification card with them to the meeting. No one wants their workers or contractors to be hurt while installing. Violations of OSHA regulations may lead to project delays and work interruptions. Topics covered in the 10-hour OSHA training course include:

  • Accident reporting and reporting standards, ladder safety
  • Tie-off procedures and personal protection equipment
  • Basic safe building practices

Is There Going To Be A Project Manager There?

A supplier’s on-site project manager should oversee the installation, which is a complicated process. Clients benefit from having a project manager on their side to help with field changes, consultation, attention to detail, and any circumstances that may increase costs. Safety of the job site and the safety of the products and personnel are also important considerations for installation supervisors. As a consequence of this, distributors often hand project management over to an untrustworthy third party.

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Tips to Choose an Ergonomic Computer Chair



Tips to Choose an Ergonomic Computer Chair

A computer chair is an integral part of a workplace. When sitting on such a chair, your thighs should be placed horizontally, feet planted on the floor, and arms level with the desk. There should also be no strain on your back, and you should be able to sit in this position for a considerable time without slouching. An ergonomically designed computer chair addresses all these key points. So, it’s always essential to buy computer chairs having ergonomic features, which allow proper blood circulation. Moreover, such chairs also have a high back and lumbar support, which helps all types of people to sit comfortably. If you are searching for a computer chair, you’ll find the following list of points quite handy to make a sound buying decision.

Lumbar Support

Lumbar refers to the lower back area. Sitting for extended periods on a chair that doesn’t provide any support to this area leads to a slouched posture. It also strains structures present in the lumbar spine. An ergonomic computer chair should provide adequate lumbar support. If you provide proper support to your lower back, you’ll be able to sit for a long time without experiencing any discomfort and back stiffness problems.

Adjustable Height

A chair with an adjustable seat height proves useful for various people. In many cases, the chair isn’t used by a single person. Many people may use it, and their height may be different from yours. So, an ergonomic chair should have a seat height that you can adjust to accommodate other people. You should be able to modify the height so that you can look directly at the monitor screen.

Roller Wheel Base

When working, you might have to move from one place to another in your room to carry multiple tasks. With wheels on your office chair, you can quickly move without standing up. Computer chairs having roller wheels under them allow the user to revolve 360 degrees around the weight central axis. If your desk or table is on a hard surface, look for chairs with soft rubber wheels. On the other hand, if the desk is on the carpet, buy chairs with hard wheels.

Easy to Control Chair Adjustment.

A good ergonomic computer chair can be customized as per your needs. You should also be able to control it to get more comfort and support. You should be able to reach the controls while you are seated on the chair without putting in too much effort. An ergonomic computer chair allows you to modify the tilt, change its height, and swivel while you are seated. Chairs having a synchrony mechanism with tension control allows you to adjust it as per your needs. Generally, comfortable office chairs have two levers at the base, which enable the user to adjust them according to their requirement.


The presence of armrests depends on things like your movement throughout the day. Your arms and shoulders need to be fully relaxed when on the armrest. Your elbows should rest slightly on them. Look for chairs having detachable armrests. You can remove the armrests when you are engaged in tasks that require more mobility and attach them back when you have to sit for an extended period.

Note down all the points and features mentioned in this article to get a high-quality office computer chair. A chair having these features will support your body adequately. It, in turn, will keep you focused and productive throughout the day.

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How to Pick a Color for an Accent Wall




How to Pick a Color for an Accent Wall

Are you thinking of repainting your walls at home or at work but having trouble with which color scheme to choose? Do you want to stay safe or do you want to add more fun and excitement to your home?

If you are not sure what to do, an accent wall is the answer to that dilemma. An accent wall is an excellent way to update the look of your interior without the need to paint the rest of the walls. It is an easy, stylish, and flexible way to add depths to your walls.

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What is Accent Wall?

It is a certain part of your wall (interior or exterior) that can have a different color, design, texture, or shade from the rest of the walls in that room. By taking only a portion of your wall, you will be able to beautifully transform that space without spending too much. 

Besides, you do not run the risk of painting the walls with a color that you will end up regretting at the end. An accent wall will refresh the look of the entire room in an easy yet clever way.

How to Choose the Right Accent Wall

This is a common question almost everyone asks when styling their homes or offices. Choosing the right accent wall needs time to come up with the right decision.

Which wall should be the accent wall? Whether it is your bedroom, kitchen, or living room you want to add an accent wall to, the answer is simply to identify that part of the room where your eyes will instantly drift to the moment you enter the room.

Selecting the Right Accent Wall Color

After deciding which wall should be the accent wall, it is now time to pick the right color. Your choice of color should highlight the existing interior design. It should be something that will complement the design that is already there.

With so many colors to choose from, the selection should work with the already established tones. The color you choose should match the mood you want to achieve. Do you want to add more warmth to your personal sanctuary? And do you want your living room to be fun and livelier? Do you want it cozy?

While using your favorite color for your wall accent is effortless, remember it is always best to go ask for an expert’s opinion. But most of the time, muted shades are the best choice when it comes to accent wall colors. Bold colors like shocking pink can be too much and will only end up as a distraction instead.

Do not use dark tones for accent walls in dark spaces or you will end up creating a heavy aura in that certain area. If still unsure which color to go for, use the color wheel to choose the right hue that coordinates with the existing shades.

Experiment and play with your color scheme. Figure out the perfect contrast to your already existing dark or light colors to make the room more spacious, welcoming, fun, or something that will express your creativity and personality.


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The Five Industries that Need High Risk Merchant Accounts




Five Industries that Need High Risk Merchant Accounts

It’s not easy being labeled as a high-risk merchant by your payment processor due to factors that put your business at a higher risk for fraud or chargebacks. 

This could also mean higher fees, stricter rules and more restrictions than the typical business. So, what are the five industries that need high-risk merchant accounts?


32% of American families own a gun and they invest in one to protect their household, do target shooting and for recreation. This is why it’s not surprising that the firearms industry is now worth more than $5.5 billion. 

But while there is good business in firearms, a lot of banks still consider it high risk. Because of several gun laws and just the nature of the business, which can be quite risky.

Adult entertainment

 Although the world has now accepted adult entertainment as a legitimate business. A lot of mainstream banks and financial institutions still shy away from these types of companies mainly due to reputational risk. 

They don’t want to be affiliated with a business that’s selling adult films and employs porn stars. Since this is still a controversial issue for some.


Smoking may be legal in America, but this industry is still considered one of the riskiest by payment processors. Because of its long history with fraud. A lot of tobacco, vape and e-cigarette businesses have very high chargeback rates, not to mention the stricter regulations and taxes now being imposed in this industry.


We all know how high the risks are for businesses selling liquor and hard alcohol. Aside from complying with strict laws, being an alcohol merchant also means that you’re at a higher risk for selling alcohol to underage consumers.

That’s the reason why most traditional financial institutions and banks will easily tag liquor and hard alcohol businesses as high-risk due to the nature of the business itself.


There is a huge demand for nutraceutical products these days. Especially with the pandemic prompting people to live a healthier lifestyle. But nutraceutical companies are still considered high-risk merchants. Since they have high chargeback rates due to false claims and some businesses also don’t have a clear fine print on their free trial programs.

A lot of these nutraceutical companies also don’t have a proper description for their products, and it leads to unfulfilled expectations that could cause some consumers to file for a chargeback.

Although being tagged as a high-risk merchant means that it will take a longer time to find a good payment processor. You might need to pay higher fees, you should never be intimidated by it because you always have the chance to prove that you can be tagged as a regular merchant. 

Always apply the best practices when processing payments, train your team to spot any fraudulent purchases. And make sure that you always put customer satisfaction first. 

This way, you’re not only avoiding high chargeback rates but you’re also building better credibility for your business.




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