afpslai loan calculator

AFPSLAI loan calculator is a useful tool for borrowers who want to know the exact amount of the loan they can avail. It enables borrowers to enter the desired loan amount, number of years to amortize the loan and monthly repayment. The loan amount will depend on the documents and other requirements a borrower has. It is important to check the eligibility of the loan amount before submitting them. After filling the form, the borrower can contact the AFPSLAI branch in their area to get the actual details of the loan.

AFPSLAI is a non-bank

If you are looking for a non-bank loan calculator, AFPSLAI is a good option. This site uses the Annual Dividend Rate as its reference rate. It also has a feature that allows you to calculate your monthly amortization. This feature is only available if you make payments during business hours. Moreover, you must ensure that you clear your check upon maturity of the loan.

AFPSLAI also offers pre-owned vehicle loan. You can obtain the loan from an accredited dealership or from an individual. However, you must have a CCA/SD002 balance. To avail of this service, you must be an AFPSLAI member. Using the website, you can also submit your application form. You will then receive an SMS (text message) that contains your User ID. Once you have this, you can download the AFPSLAI Mobile App.

It offers various deposit and credit products

The AFPSLAI offers a range of deposit and credit products. Members can open a Capital Contribution Account (CCA) to earn tax-free interest. Members can deposit Php 1,500,000 or more in this account. Other deposit and credit products include Savings Deposit and Time Deposit. The former earns 3% interest annually, while the latter earns 5%. The minimum amount required for Savings Deposit is Php 100. The maximum time deposit balance is Php 5,000,000. It may be opened with more than one account.

While applying for an auto loan, remember to take into account the repayment capacity of the loan. If the loan is due, you may want to reaffirm it, which may prevent repossession. If you have a good credit score, afpslai will be happy to work with you and negotiate the terms and conditions. Its competitive rates are also a plus.

It has branches and extension offices throughout the country

The Armed Forces and Police Savings & Loan Association, Inc. is a non-stock savings and loan organization founded in 1972. It is a non-stock, not-for-profit corporation regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). As of year-end 2007, AFPSLAI had P36.6 billion in assets and a membership of 408,800, including retirees and their dependents. The organization maintains a branch in each of these cities, with customer assistance officers and a Suggestion Box available for you to submit your loan-related concerns.

AFPSLAI’s branch in Mactan, Cebu approves 25 to 30 loan applications per month and serves 600-700 customers per month. Although other loan institutions may offer full service, AFPSLAI’s extension office has limited hours of operation and employs only two personnel, one of whom is detailed in the main branch. A total of P5,000,000 is available through the loan product.

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