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Who Made Me a Princess is an animated film that follows Athanasia de Alger Obelia, a woman who was reincarnated as the fictional tale of The Lovely Princess. After she was falsely accused of poisoning Jennette Margarita, she must work out a relationship with her new father. The film is highly recommended for fans of Disney and wholesome family fare. The characters are likable and engaging, and there are plenty of plot twists to keep the audience interested.


In the Who Made Me A Princess? webcomic, Athanasia Obelia is the main protagonist, a reincarnated woman who has inherited the powers of a princess. Her blue eyes and long blonde hair, usually tied up in a ponytail with bangs, reflect her traditional imperial family traits. She has the grace and intelligence of a princess, and is capable of conjuring magic spells and transcending dimensions.


In Who Made Me a Princess, the characters teleport to a large room where they are all watching the future of Princess Athanasia de Alger Obelia. This webcomic is written by Plutus and created by Spoon. In this comic, we see that Felicia is taken to the Palace much earlier than in the Main Universe. However, this isn’t the end of the story. The plot twists and the ensuing adventure will have readers wondering whether the ending is true or not.

Athanasia de Alger Obelia, a girl who was reborn into a fictional version of the story, faces a new challenge of getting to know her new father and family. This time, the plot is set in the year 2022. During the story, Athanasia must build a relationship with her new father and try to overcome her false accusation. If she can succeed in this mission, she will be given a magical sword.


I was a fan of the ‘Tropes that made me a princess’ series from the beginning, but I was not sure I wanted to read another book based on the characters in it. I hoped the series would be more wholesome, and it was. As with all comic books, there are a lot of tropes that were used to create characters. The main tropes of the series are as follows:

The first trope that I’ll talk about is the ‘hating game’. In the book, Lucy and Joshua, executive assistants to two co-CEOs of a publishing company, compete for the same promotion. While the tension between them reaches boiling point, it is largely masking a deeper feeling. They were once friends but, as they get closer, they begin to fall in love.

Characters in Who Made Me a Princess

The characters of the Who Made Me a Princess webcomic were teleported into a room and watched the future of princess Athanasia de Alger Obelia. The webcomic is written by Plutus and the artwork is created by Spoon. Interestingly, Felicia was taken to the Palace much earlier than in the Main Universe. This makes sense, considering how the story develops and the characters’ personalities.

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