When it comes to performance dyno testing, prohub is an obvious choice. Unlike dp dynos, which have a torque limit of 4400 nm, prohub can accommodate more than double the torque of the biggest dp dyno. This is important for dp dyno users who have high-powered engines and are using 2wd gearing. A torque converter or auto trans can also be a limiting factor.

Satechi’s Pro Hub Max

Having a M1 MacBook? Then Satechi’s Pro Hub Max adapter is a great match. It features eight essential ports – USB4 port, USB-A 3.0 data port, USB-C data port, Gigabit Ethernet, SD/ Micro SD, and Audio Jack. You can connect all your devices with this versatile adapter. It also has two USB-C ports that allow you to charge your device and transfer data.

This Satechi USB-C Pro Hub Max has more ports than its smaller counterpart, making it the perfect fit for those with multiple monitors. It is designed for permanent fixtures and provides more flexibility than a single-cable setup. It also includes a microSD slot, which is handy if you’re transferring files and images between two computers. Satechi has two expansion hubs for MacBook Pro: the USB-4 Multiport Adapter and the USB-C Pro Hub Max. Both of these adapters offer 8K HDMI video output and have transfer rates of up to 40 Gbps. It even has a 60Hz refresh rate on the HDMI output.

As mentioned before, the Satechi Pro Hub Max is compatible with the latest MacBook models. It replaces the USB-C ports of several MacBook models and includes HDMI output, SD card reader, and Gigabit Ethernet. It also includes an audio port plug-in. For the price of a few bucks, you won’t even need to buy an adapter anymore. Satechi’s Pro Hub Max also comes in Silver and Space Gray colors.

The Pro Hub Max is the perfect companion for the M1 Max MacBook. It includes eight essential ports that make it an ideal choice for those with multiple displays. The fourK HDMI port is useful for those who need to connect multiple displays and can stream content to a larger screen. Another important port in the Pro Hub Max is the micro/SD card reader, which allows users to pull data from multiple cards at the same time.

Besides HDMI, this adapter features a USB-C port for video output. The other two ports are USB-A for data transfer, and USB-C for charging. The adapter is backward compatible with USB 3.2. The USB-C connectors are located on the side of the adapter. This adapter provides up to 96W of charging power with an AC adapter. It also uses 15W of power to function.

Satechi’s Multi-Port

The USB-4 Multiport Adapter from Satechi is an all-in-one multiport hub that harnesses the latest USB 4.0 technology for a variety of purposes. Besides supporting an 8K HDMI output, the new multiport adapter also provides significant bandwidth improvements, up to 40 Gbps. Additionally, it is backward compatible with USB 3.2, meaning you can continue to use the same device with a USB-C cable.

Two new expansion hubs from Satechi for MacBook Pros have been unveiled. The USB-4 Multiport Adapter with 8K HDMI is designed for multi-monitor setups, and its HDMI output supports up to 40Gbps. This device also supports backward compatibility and offers a 60Hz refresh rate. Ultimately, Satechi’s Multi-Port Prohub is the best choice for MacBook users who want to expand their workspace.

The new Multi-Port Prohub Max expands the MacBook Pro M1 and Max. The new Mac Pro M1 Max supports up to three 6K resolution displays and one 4K display at 60Hz. It also features a micro/SD card reader, allowing you to pull data from multiple devices at the same time. Using this multi-port Mac extender is a breeze. Satechi’s Multi-Port Prohub Max is designed for high-end professional users and enthusiasts alike.

The Satechi Aluminium Type-C Pro Hub provides Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C ports. It also has a microSD card reader for SD and Micro SD cards. This Mac adapter enhances the capabilities of the MacBook Pro and lets you retain the USB 3.0 ports for charging. The USB 3.0 port is not compatible with the iPad, and there is no direct HDMI to HDMI connection. Its Ethernet port also supports Type-C and USB-C.

Product description

The ProHubEvo is a multiport USB-C hub with a sleek aluminium finish. Its three USB ports and TF/SD card slot let you connect to any device that uses a USB-C port. It also offers 60W of power output with Power Delivery technology, and is equipped with a HDMI port for extending your laptop’s display. It’s also compatible with MacBook Pro power adapters.


There are two basic levels of ProHub products. PhotoNodes Basic and ProHub. The Basic version is a web-based interactive platform with multiple access points for simultaneous interaction with photos. The ProHub device and DSLR WiFi add syncing and live printing capability to kiosk nodes. Pro Hub Hardware lets you connect up to two kiosks to one Pro Hub. You can also buy additional Pro Hub hardware to connect two kiosks to a single Pro Hub.

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