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Streaming services have a huge variety of shows, but Netflix is the king of all the kings when it comes to Netflix limited series. This article focuses on the Gilmore Girls, The Stranger, Unorthodox, and The Queen’s Gambit. Hopefully you’ll find one to watch soon. And if you don’t, read on to learn more about these exciting shows. There are plenty of reasons to subscribe to Netflix!

Gilmore Girls Limited Series

If you’ve been longing for a new episode of the beloved show, you’ve come to the right place. Netflix has ordered a limited series of Gilmore Girls, a beloved sitcom that premiered 20 years ago. Originally, the show aired on the WB Network before transferring to the now-defunct The CW network. The series was revived in 2007, but the licensing deal was not part of the original revival deal with Warner Bros. The CW is a joint venture of CBS and Warner Bros. TV Studios.

Despite the rumors, Netflix has not confirmed a release date for Gilmore Girls: Season 3 will begin in 2019. Currently, the show has not announced any plans for a second season. However, the cast was in attendance at the ATX television festival this past June. Some fans have speculated about the future of Rory, with some saying that she may have graduated from Yale and dumped her college sweetheart, Paul Czuchry. Rory might now be covering the Clinton presidential campaign, though Netflix has not commented on the speculations.

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Netflix’s limited series will also be accompanied by a new year-long arc. This season will begin with a cliffhanger, but the network has not publicly commissioned additional episodes. The series’ fans remain hopeful, however, that the storylines will continue. Fans hope that the new season will feature Scott Patterson, who played Luke Danes in the original series. A Year in the Life will also debut during Thanksgiving week.

The Gilmore Girls revival is a Netflix original, but a second season is likely to be delayed because of contractual obligations with Amazon. Though the Netflix Limited Series on Gilmore Girls is technically a Netflix original, Warner Bros. may want to take the show back to its streaming service. Although a second revival is unlikely, it remains to be seen if the show will return. So, in the meantime, it’s best to wait and see.

The Stranger

While a Netflix limited series may be a one-time occurrence, it’s still worth watching. This dark fantasy series has already garnered a cult following and has been acclaimed by critics. With more than 500 characters and intertwining plot lines, it’s bound to keep viewers intrigued and wanting more. The Stranger has earned high marks on both Netflix and Rotten Tomatoes, where it’s been rated a solid four out of five. Despite its cult status, it’s still a new series and there are no official plans for a second season.

The Stranger is currently streaming on Netflix. Each episode is around 45-50 minutes long, so you can easily binge-watch the series. It also provides a compelling storyline for fans of true-crime fiction. It’s based on a novel by Harlan Coben, and it’s a gripping suspenseful tale about a mysterious disappearance. There are eight episodes, and each one is well worth the time.

The Stranger, Netflix limited series features a French-American coproduction with a six-hour runtime. It follows young family man Nick Brewer and is based on a Black Mirror-style plot. The show was praised around the world when it was first released, but the final episode of the series has sparked debates online. Netflix’s Stranger was released to a relatively low buzz and fewer than a thousand IMDb ratings.

The mysterious stranger, played by Hannah John-Kamen, repeatedly reveals the secrets of others. It’s only in the penultimate episode that her real identity is revealed: she’s the daughter of Martin Killane, a professional blackmailer. The Stranger also has a secret that she’s trying to hide from her family, which seems to put her under suspicion. The story ends on a cliffhanger, but the tension is not yet over.


This four-part Netflix Limited Series follows a woman named Esty who is in an ultra-orthodox community. The rules for women in this community are extremely strict – they are forbidden to use smartphones, arranged marriages, and western ideologies. They must procreate and look after one another, and leaving is dangerous. The drama is compelling and it will be an excellent watch for those interested in contemporary Jewish culture. The four-part series has won the hearts and minds of many viewers and will certainly keep you entertained for hours.

The show has a sharp sense of cinematic intrigue, akin to “The Last Detail” and the “Dumb and Dumber” films. Despite the sex of the leads, the series focuses on their characters’ lives – a reticent Israeli woman, a quasi-virginal bounty hunter, and an eloquent, witty rabbi, Esty.

Based on Deborah Feldman’s memoir, Unorthodox follows the life of a Jewish woman who escapes an arranged marriage in Brooklyn and moves to Berlin to start a new life. Her new life in Berlin is marked by conflict with her family and her community, but the drama is well worth watching. The drama is based on Deborah Feldman’s bestselling memoir of the same name, which makes it a highly recommended viewing for all ages.

Despite the fact that this Netflix Limited Series is set in the present, it traces the lives of two women who left ultra-Orthodoxy to follow their dreams. In the documentary, both Esty’s old and new lives are interwoven. She is married to Shulem, a Jewish man, and she falls in love with Felix, a non-Jewish man. Their love for one another is forged over music, which ultimately causes them to bond.

The Queen’s Gambit

Despite the short runtime, “The Queen’s Gambit” has already garnered a buzz. The Netflix miniseries is produced by Scott Frank and is based on Walter Tevis’ 1983 novel of the same name. The story follows young orphan Beth Harmon as she finds herself thrust into a world of intrigue and competition. The series debuted on Oct. 23, but word-of-mouth has spread quickly over the past month.

Despite being a seven-part adaptation of a classic Roald Dahl novel, “The Queen’s Gambit” doesn’t have any obvious genre elements or zaniness. It’s a cold-war period piece about an orphan girl who finds herself in the middle of a chess tournament. While the chess game may not be renowned for its visual drama, it is nevertheless a captivating and absorbing tale.

The show’s success is owed in part to the fact that it was released in just a few weeks before the US election, making it prime binge-watching material. It’s grade-A escapism, with its strong cast and eminent performances. The story of a sports underdog, accompanied by sumptuous styling, makes this series a soothing portal to another world.

Throughout the series, Beth maintains a calm demeanor, which keeps the drama pacing brisk. The penultimate episode, however, ends with a scene where Beth spirals in an artful bend, with the final scene resembling a snooze-worthy moment in a book. If the series had been a movie, the title would be The Queen’s Gambit.


Russian Doll

Netflix’s Russian Doll is a new series that debuted in February 2019. The show follows a video game developer named Nadia, who drinks her way through her 36th birthday and dies in the process, only to wake up at her own birthday party to repeat the same night. It’s a show that is full of early midlife crisis and existential angst. Thankfully, Netflix has confirmed that season two will be released sometime in June.

While the series is based on the autobiography of Natasha Lyonne’s character Nadia, the show has developed into a darker, more compelling drama. Director Liz Headland makes subtle references to the passing of time throughout the series, implying that Nadia and Alan’s time is running out. This show explores the nature of time, and it works as an interesting twist on the classic mystery.

Currently, the series has multiple projects in production and development. Amy Poehler is an executive producer of the Netflix limited series. She is also the executive producer of her own production company, Paper Kite Productions. If you’re a fan of sci-fi, then Russian Doll should be on your Netflix list. There’s so much to like about this Netflix show, it’s hard to choose one.

While the series is about two people trapped in a virtual world, it isn’t a total downer. The show’s time-loop conceit allows for an exploration of themes that are important to many people without exposing viewers to a hedonistic worldview. And in addition to exploring themes about addiction, the show allows Natasha Lyonne to shine. As a character actor who’s been destroyed by heroin addiction, the show manages to do just that.

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