UPSC Syllabus

Launching on the path towards becoming a civil servant requires hard work, commitment and persistence. Tathastu ICS provides comprehensive UPSC coaching courses as well as motivational discourse through Josh Talks in order to assist aspirants on this journey.

The institute offers students access to a wealth of learning resources, such as its library located just steps from PGs. The library features lockers for storage of books and study materials.

Preliminary Stage

The UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exam (UCSPEE) is an objective, multiple-choice paper comprising General Studies Paper 1 and Civil Service Aptitude Test (CSAT). This examination is qualifying in nature and answers are marked using an OMR sheet.

All those who pass the Prelims will advance to the Mains stage, which consists of an descriptive test, followed by the interview stage where their rank will be determined.

An effective preparation strategy requires an in-depth knowledge of the syllabus and exam pattern, disciplined study habits and a timetabled study plan. Subscription to a reputable coaching institute helps aspirants maintain a systematic and effective approach to their preparation.

Tathastu ICS provides classes tailored specifically to the preliminary stage of examinations beginning in January and February. Courses offered include essay classes taught directly by faculty for high-quality instruction. Classes can also be taken online or in person, making Tathastu an appealing option for students from across India. In addition, Tathastu also provides customised test series to make sure their students are fully prepared.

Mains Stage

UPSC Mains exam preparation requires extensive reading and knowledge across many topics. With such an expansive syllabus to cover, it may be hard to keep up without guidance from a mentor who can help accelerate clarity faster while saving you both time and frustration. Furthermore, an advisor may assist you in selecting your optional subjects for this examination.

Tathastu ICS provides several courses for the mains stage, including their BA+UPSC course. This option enables candidates to earn a Bachelor of Administration from Mangalayatan University while studying for civil services examination. They also offer an in-house mentoring program to assist your preparation.

Our tutors are highly experienced and knowledgeable; they regularly assess student progress and offer feedback. Furthermore, they encourage their pupils to ask questions and clear up any doubts after every class, which helps ensure students fully comprehend subject material. Furthermore, the academy places great emphasis on answer writing practice – an essential aspect of UPSC preparation which allows pupils to develop the ability to express ideas concisely as an essential part of passing an examination.

Mock Tests

Beginning the journey towards becoming a civil servant requires hard work, perseverance and access to quality guidance. Tathastu ICS is an established civil services coaching institute which equips its students with all of the resources and support they need for success in becoming civil servants – including its foundation program which offers BA+UPSC coaching with former bureaucrat Dr Tanu Jain providing instruction.

The institute’s mock tests are tailored to replicate the UPSC exam format and help students familiarize themselves with its question types and difficulty levels, while helping aspirants identify both their strong and weak points. After each mock test result is assessed by experts to provide personalized feedback.

Mock tests for both the General Science (GS) and Civil Service Admission Tests (CSAT) exam sections are offered by the institute, along with mock interviews to prepare aspirants for their interview stage. Mock interviews conducted by former civil servants can help relieve pressure while providing practice facing high bureaucrats during real interviews; furthermore, mock interviews can also build confidence and body language in preparation for real exams.


Tathastu ICS stands out from other coaching institutes with its mentoring program – something other institutions offer in 30 minute mock interviews only. Instead, Tathastu ICS provides one-on-one mentoring with a civil servant – something invaluable when helping prepare students for exams and achieve success.

Teachers at this institute are all former civil servants, providing invaluable knowledge and expertise. They help students create a comprehensive preparation strategy and prioritize subjects for maximum exam success. Furthermore, there is a locker facility provided for student use allowing them to keep all books and notes securely without carrying them back and forth from PG.

The institute offers BA+UPSC Coaching and MA+UPSC Coaching courses to aspirants seeking a degree while taking preparation steps for the exam. All its teachers are former civil servants and provide various study materials and resources; its simulated exams closely replicate UPSC format while offering extensive practice through prelims test series.

Josh Talks

Reaching success in India’s top civil services requires dedication and perseverance along with expert guidance. That is why Tathastu ICS provides an specialized UPSC coaching program where each student receives their own personal counselor to guide them through the challenging UPSC syllabus while building confidence. In addition, coaches at Tathastu ICS possess expertise in subjects like politics, economics and philosophy optional; making them ideal mentors for aspirants.

Josh Talks was created by Supriya Paul and Shobhit Banga to provide inspiring role model stories that motivate young people to pursue their goals. Now with over 19 million YouTube subscribers and channels in 10 regional languages, it also recently introduced its upskilling mobile app Josh Skills which teaches spoken English–an essential skill required by many aspirational careers in India.

Josh Talks has made use of PubNub’s real-time communication technology to save both development time and costs while expanding their chat app’s features. Their solution provides interactive learning experiences while increasing in-app engagement for deeper user engagement.

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