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Many people wonder if the concept of a little European country in Australia exists. This article looks at the concept, which combines the spa with the film’s message of coming-of-age. In addition, we look at the film’s hilarious 1,000-corona case joke and the benefits of the spa’s treatments. While we were at the spa, we couldn’t help but notice the “Little Europe” mascot, a lion.

Bruce Beresford’s 30 year labour of love

In his 50 year career, Australian film director Bruce Beresford has created 30 feature films, many of them in Australia. These films have been adapted for the screen and are a visual feast. Little Europe Sydney features an array of his work, from his intimate productions of Australian and international classics, to his critically acclaimed short films. Beresford has a unique ability to capture the cultural and social differences between European migrants and conservative Australians.

The 30 years of his work span his films from his first feature, The Adventures of Barry MacKenzie, to his most recent film, Puberty Blues, an adaptation of a play by Australian author Bruce Williamson. In Puberty Blues, a satire of the inner workings of a Sydney-based football club, Beresford explores the lives of would-be “surfer-girls” growing up in suburbia. The film also offers an unflattering picture of young women in the Australian surf community.

The protestor’s motivations

What motivates protesters? In the first two years of the Trump presidency, a protest movement has sprouted. For example, the Women’s March, an organization that mobilized 5.2 million people, was organized around issues of racial justice, LGBTQ rights, and climate change. However, little research has examined the motivations of protesters and the overlap of issue-based motivations. This article will discuss some of the more interesting reasons why protesters choose to demonstrate.

In the case of Jeff’s store in downtown Vancouver, local residents have started a protest, describing the upscale retail store as a symbol of the “evils” of gentrification. They argue that upscale stores raise the cost of living in low-income communities and force local residents out of their homes. Thus, protesting a gentrifying store contributes to the system of oppression. Although the protestors’ motives are understandable, the media outlets must be held responsible for their reporting.

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