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Andhadhun Torrent – Andhadhun is a black comedy thriller movie based on the movie The Piano Tuner directed by Sriram Raghavan. This thrilling movie is starred by Ayushmann Khurrana, Radhika Apte, and Tabu where Akash Sarraf (Ayushmann) is playing a blind pianist who unknowingly gets involved in the homicide of a former film actor.

Andhadhun kept the audience on the edge of their seats and the ending has left many with suspense questions rather than answers. If you have not watched the comedy thriller yet, then we have brought the Andhadhun torrent magnet to easily avail you of the Andhadhun movie download.

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Details about Andhadhun movie:

Let’s outline the information about the Andhadhun movie and also we have availed the Andhadhun torrent where you can download and watch Andhadhun full movie in good quality.

Movie- Andhadhun

Genre- Crime, comedy, thriller

Language- Hindi

Released on- 5 October 2018

Director- Shriram Raghvan

Run-time- 138 minutes


Andhadhun Story Explained

Download Andhadhun torrent –  This movie will present the story of Ayushmann Khurrana playing Akash Sarraf in the movie as a piano artist who fakes being blind to improve his piano skills. He spends time in search of inspiration for his musical piece on the piano. Nobody but the neighboring kids and a cat Rani are aware of the truth behind his fake blindness as they keep testing him.

The story begins

One day while crossing the road, he knocked over by Sophie (Radhika Apte). After she gets to know about his blindness, she takes him to her father’s diner where he gets his gig by a former actor Pramod Sinha (Anil Dhawan). Pramod invites him to play at his anniversary night.

Andhadhun Movie Story

Game Starts

After reaching Pramod’s place, his wife Simi (Tabu) opens the door but after realizing that Akash is blind she lets him in. While playing, Akash noticed a body nearby but he ignored it to charade his blindness.

After excusing himself, Akash went to the bathroom, he sees Inspector Manohar (Manav) but was faked to be unaware of him. After his return, he identifies the body is of Pramod. Simi and Manohar (lovers) cleans up the body and manages to put it in a suitcase to be disposed of. Meanwhile, Akash is playing piano and is supposed to be unaware of all that is happening around him.

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Dice rolled up

Akash tries to file a complaint but he discovers that Manohar is an inspector in the police station. He manages to file a fake case about the murder of the cat Rani by the neighboring kid. Both Simi and Manohar started to test Akash’s blindness, ending up finding the truth but till then she had already poisoned him. When Akash wakes up realizing that he cannot see.

Sophie also came to know about Akash’s lie and left him. Here Akash runs for his life as Simi and Manohar decide to kill him. Akash then comes across Dr. Swami (Zakir Hussain) who runs an organ-harvesting clinic who is convinced to help him after listening to the story. Download the full movie using the Andhadhun torrent and enjoy watching it.

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They kidnapped Simi and blackmailed Manohar to bring one crore to the specified location. Where Manohar accidentally ends up killing himself. After a long hassle, Dr. and Akash Tied up Simi in the trunk of the car and start driving where Dr. discloses his plan of selling Simi’s organ for Akash’s cornea transplant but Akash denies it.

Solve the puzzle

After 2 years, in Europe, Akash meets Sofie and tells her the entire story about how he saved his life. After Simi took control over the driving seat got killed in an accident while driving the car. Sofie tells Akash that he would have harvested Simi’s organs and gotten his operation done.


Without saying a word Akash leaves with his rabbit handled stick. Once out of sight, he uses his stick to kick a can out of his path leaving the audience puzzled that he is not blind.

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