bluewater marsh treasure map

If you own Red Dead Online, you can now unlock the Bluewater Marsh Treasure map! This treasure map is located near the broken wagon and big tree in Bluewater Marsh, and you must deal with alligators! In order to unlock this treasure, you will need to reach the required level in Red Dead Online. If you are unsure about the location of this map, read on to learn more. Listed below are some tips to get you started!

Red Dead Online

There are 4 hidden treasures in Red Dead Online, including the Bluewater Marsh. To get the treasure, players must find these chests, complete the story, and undertake side quests. You will also have to face alligators, and a Bluewater marsh treasure map will help you find them all. In addition to finding these treasures, players can also do other activities, like fishing, as well as complete quests.

The Bluewater Marsh is a muddy plain near the Lannahechee River. It’s home to a variety of wildlife, including caimanes, herons, and cranes. It is based on the wetlands of southern Louisiana, and the Bayou Nwa region. The marsh was originally known as Bluegill Marsh. Unlike other wetlands in Red Dead Online, however, it’s much smaller than the Bluewater Marsh.

Bluewater Marsh

The Bluewater Marsh is the smallest of the five American territories and a constituent region of Lemoyne. Due to its silt and mud, traversing the marsh is slow going, but some road segments are elevated on boardwalks to keep travelers dry. It has four major locations, including Moonstone Pond, which has a thicker tree next to a thin one. The treasure map has four different locations, and the guide below lists possible treasure locations.

The Bluewater Marsh treasure map is one of the main objectives of the game, and it can be found in several locations. The location is just outside the swamp near small islands, which you can reach by taking the ferry. You can also find it near a big tree and a broken wagon. Be careful when you go through the marsh, as you might encounter alligators. However, once you find it, you’ll be rewarded with a hidden treasure map.

High Stakes Treasure Map

You can find the High Stakes Treasure Map in Red Dead Redemption 2 by following the guide, which you can find in the game. There are three possible locations where you can find the treasure chest. However, the maps are rumored to be cursed and many people have died trying to find them. If you want to get your hands on these maps, you should first complete Chapter 3 before moving on to the next.

The Dreamcatcher decorated tree can be found just above the Bluewater Marsh. This treasure is located on a small, long island and can be reached by horse. In the Exit Pursued By A Bruised Ego mission, you need to use your horse to get there. You can use this item to unlock a special talisman and a unique outfit. Alternatively, you can go to the southwest corner of the map to find the Dreamcatcher Tree.

Dreamcatchers tree

The location of the Dreamcatchers on the Bluewater Marsh treasure map is not too far off the main road. It can be found near the ‘E’ of ‘Annesburg,’ near the bottom left of the map. You can also find it near the edge of the road, off the edge of the road, and next to a large rock. Use Eagle Vision to find it, and then proceed to the treasure chest.

The Dreamcatchers tree on the Bluewater Marsh treasure map is located on a dead tree in the Heartlands. It is east of the Grizzlies East treasure map point and west of the Elysian Pool. The lone tree is surrounded by Dreamcatchers, and you can collect them by interacting with it. You will be rewarded with an Elysian Pool marker if you’ve collected the Dreamcatchers.

Ancient Arrowhead treasure

In the game, players search for the ancient arrowhead, a secret reward. They can find it behind the waterfall in Elysian Pool, but you need to interact with a cave painting to get it. This item drains half the stamina of a normal arrow, but it helps line up shots better. Here’s a quick guide to finding the Ancient Arrowhead. You can also see a treasure map of its locations below.

To start the quest, the player must collect at least 20 dreamcatchers. The eye of an animal can be found at the Elysian Pool and behind a waterfall in a cave. To find this treasure, the player must follow a path in which Arthur must climb. While climbing the cave, a lantern will guide him to a painting. Once Arthur reaches this painting, he will unlock the Ancient Arrowhead treasure.

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