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Scam 1992 Torrent : After the trailer release of Scam 1992, the web series has built a huge fan base to watch. The real-life story of great scammer Harshad Mehta from the 90s on the OTT platform. Everybody knows the name Harshad Mehta known as the Bachchan of Stock Market during 1980-1990. Who was involved in the biggest Share Market Scam. The storyline depicted by the creators and actors will catch your eye and will leave you amazed to watch the next episode. If you have missed watching, here you can download Scam 1992 torrent for free or watch it online.

The web Series Scam 1992 Torrent for Free

The great story has been taken and elaborated by the journalist Sucheta Dalal and Debashish Basu’s book titled.  The Scam- Who Won, Who Lost, Who Got Away.

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You can download and watch Scam 1992 for free and encounter the condition of the Indian Banking System in late 1990 with the involvement of the Stock Market but the journalists worked on the ground to uncover the loophole.

Genre Biography, Crime, Drama
IMDB Rating 9.6/10
Total Episodes 10
Premier on 9 Oct 2020
Directed by Hansal Mehta, Jai Mehta



The epic story of  Harshad Mehta, and his involvement in the biggest scam of the Stock Market worth 500 crores in 1992.  Due to the charges, he was jailed and the prolonged investigation of different agencies, at last, he died in jail in 2001 due to a heart attack. He has lived a lavish life with massive personal belongings. If you are also curious to watch the Scam 1992 free online, we have listed all the episodes here in full HD quality.

Scam 1992 Watch Online Free

Historical Scam 1992 is recreated by the pro producer Hansal Mehta featuring Pratik Gandhi living the character of Harshad Mehta. Leaving the most famous shows behind, Scam 1992 has set its own records and made the audience search to download and watch Scam 1992 for free.

scam 1992 watch online

Scam 1992 Download With All Episode List


Episode No. 1 Risk Se Ishq
Episode No. 2 Cobra Killer
Episode No. 3 Paise Ki Dukaan
Episode No. 4 Harshad Mehta Is A Liar
Episode No. 5 Kundli Mein Shani
Episode No. 6 Stop Press
Episode No. 7 Dalal Street Ke Dariya
Episode No. 8 Matador

The storyline of Scam 1992

The beginning of the story will take you to the job life of Harshad Mehta at the Bombay Stock Exchange in 1979. While this simple guy with big dreams lives with his family in the Mumbai local Chawl small apartment. To accomplish his big dreams he never settled up in chunks but had the courage to earn bigger by any means of work.

scam 1992 web series download

As his job started at Bombay Stock Exchange firstly he learns all games about stock trading from his fellow jobber Bhushan. He was inspired by the icon Manu Mundhra and wanted to play even bigger than him and decided to leave his job to become a broker. He started to earn big by using his tricks whether illegal or insider trading and moved with his family to a big house.

With the rise of money, his greediness also rises. So he chooses to take huge risks to earn more and grow more. He has all the weapons of wisdom, experience, willpower, passion, and crookedness in the game of the stock market. Even after facing the huge loss of 10 lacs, he didn’t stop. He opened a consultancy company of the stock market and then earned the title of the Bachchan of BSE. Meet the historical character Harshad Mehta by downloading Scam 1992 for free.

Rise of Harshad Mehta

In his journey of money-making with illegitimate ways. The financial journalist Sucheta Dalal entered the story to expose his scams but at the time, she has no evidence to prove this. By the process, Harshad dealt with the big banks like SBI, Canara, etc. for investment and good returns but he invested the money illegally in the stock market to earn high returns by increasing the share value of the companies like ACC, Polo, etc.

Rise of Harshad Mehta

But RBI started to overlook the bank credits and issued a warning for the banks. As a result of this, the banks weren’t allowed to give money to Harshad. But he was never playing not to stop anywhere so started trading with the bonds. After making the personal property worth 4000 crores he became the highest taxpayer in India.  That’s where his activities came into notice.

Soon SBI reported a 500 crore scam with Harshad involvement and this reveals the loopholes of the Indian Banking System. The prolonged investigation by various investigation agencies begins with Harshad Mehta settled in jail. And in 2001, he reached the final end of his life due to a heart attack.

Download Scam 1992 torrent and watch for free and enjoy the epic biography including all the episodes in good HD quality.

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