Choose a Pakistani Dress Design

When you look into the realm of Pakistani fashion, you can choose from a huge variety of Pakistani outfits. Women love different kinds of designer dresses because they are fashionable. Salwar Kameez as well as Suits are the most well-known ethnic wear for women. Gharara and lehenga are even very popular. 

You know what Pakistani females love to wear a stylish Salwar Suit because it is the national dress there. When you look for a Pakistani dress, you can differentiate on the basis of the designs, patterns, fabric and textures. Whether light or heavy; you can find them both.

The popular ones 

Sindhi AjrakSalwar suits and that of Balochi Salwar Kameez and Pashtun Salwar Kameez are conventional type of Pakistani dresses worn by Pakistani women. Pashtun Salwar Kameez is even a popular choice for Pakistani men. These dresses are even known as Afgan Dresses.  Whether for a casual meet, a professional setup or a party or wedding; you can choose as per your specific taste. These dresses are apt for Eid, weddings, and even for day today life. You can pick from traditional or fancy styles relying on the occasion. New patterns are the advanced in Pakistani Clothes. Have a quick look at some of the most popular Pakistani outfits that celebs in India too wear a lot.

Dhoti Style Salwar Suit

A versatile type of garment for females is the Dhoti-style salwar suit or dress is really amazing. These are somewhat stylish and versatile pieces of clothing. You can wear it for any occasion, and it is even easy-going. You can also find a variety of materials in this type of outfit such as silk, cotton, and even chiffon.

Short Flared Salwar Kameez

How Can You Choose a Pakistani Dress Design for the Your Events

Every single year, fashion designers come up with new types of trends. Fashion is growingly changing. You would see that women are more than ever excited to trying new designs and styles of outfits. The ideal choice for your eid celebrations is the flared sort of salwar suit. The kameez here is somewhat on the shorter side and has a flared hemline. It is perfectly teamed with a Punjabi-styled bottom. You can easily pick from either long sleeves or that of short sleeves. You can wear this Anarkali suit for any event in a flared short type of version.

Pakistani Short Straight type of Salwar Kameez

For eid festivities, you can even pick short straight Pakistani outfits and dresses. You can choose from georgette, silk, or cotton fabric. A salwar suit having embroidery is great for bridal wear. Cotton printed lawn outfit is a great preference for summer festivals.

Anarkali Salwar Kameez

Anarkali is ethnic type of wear that all women can wear. You can find it in various colours and different patterns. There are two lengths of Anarkali outfits or dresses. One has a long neck and the other one with sleeves. An embroidery Anarkali suit is an amazing or you may say the perfect option for brides-to-be.


So, even if you wear saree dress options in your day today life, giving a try to these Pakistani outfits would be really rewarding!

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