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Higotvaccinated.com is a free online contest that offers a variety of prizes. The prizes range in value from low to high. Moreover, the prizes offered are free of cost, so the contestants are under no obligation to purchase them. The prizes can be redeemed for possession awards or prize money, but they cannot be exchanged for cash. However, you are permitted to transfer the prizes to another person if you win.


A new campaign in Hawaii is offering prizes to get children vaccinated. It is called “Vax Da Max,” and its goal is to encourage unvaccinated children to get the shots they need. H&B Marketing, which is the company that runs the campaign, is behind the initiative. The company has partnered with the Department of Health (DOH) to help spread the word about the importance of vaccinations.

The #HIGotVaccinated campaign is backed by companies such as Adventist Health Castle, ConnectWorks, H&B Marketing, Humana, Kaiser Permanente Hawaii, Maui Health, MDX Hawaii, and The Queens Health Systems. The business community has also been very supportive of the campaign. For example, American Savings Bank recently awarded three vaccinated employees a cash prize of $5,000. Three additional winners will be selected in July and August to receive the prizes.

Vax Da Max

The state of Hawaii is making its vaccination campaign more appealing with the introduction of “Vax Da Max” incentives. This initiative is part of the government’s HIGotVaccinated campaign, which aims to increase the number of people who are vaccinated. It also aims to increase the number of people who get the COVID-19 vaccine, which is one of the most common immunizations missed by adults.

To get in on the action, residents of Hawaii must be 18 years old and have initiated vaccination after Aug. 9. Those who were vaccinated recently have a higher chance of winning. The contest runs until prizes are exhausted. To enter, visit Higotvaccinated.com to learn more. Here are some of the prizes you can win:

Prizes offered

The #HIGotVaccinated contest is giving prizes away to people who are enrolled in the statewide vaccination campaign. This contest is being held to encourage people to get vaccinated against COVID-19, a virus that has a high death rate in Hawaii. There are 83 prizes in the contest. Three of them are $5,000 gift cards from Foodland. The winner of each prize will be announced on the last day of the month.

The contest is open to residents of Hawaii who were 18 years of age and initiated vaccination after Aug. 9. The odds of winning a prize increase for recent vaccinators. The campaign is available until all prizes are awarded. For more information, visit higotvaccinated.com. It is free to join and run for a month. The website has prizes to offer everyone who wants to get vaccinated.

Requirements to enter

In Hawai’i, the state’s Department of Health is holding a contest to encourage its residents to get vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. This contest is called #HIGotVaccinated, and it offers 83 prizes in total. To enter, you must be a resident of Hawaii and have received the COVID-19 vaccine within the past 12 months. The contest is conducted by Accuity LLP, an official verification service for the #HIGotVaccinated contest.

The #HIGotVaccinated campaign was launched in Hawaii on July 1. Aloha United Way is a sponsor of the campaign, and their helpline is available in over 240 languages. The campaign allows Hawai’i residents to enter a drawing for prizes donated by the local business community. The prizes are:

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