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If you are interested in finding out more about Govmint, read on! This review will cover everything from their customer service to their shipping services. You will also learn about their trust rating and whether or not they offer IRA services. While there are a few complaints regarding the website, the vast majority of these complaints are unfounded. Read on to learn what other clients have to say about this company. And remember, you can always check the BBB rating to see how other clients feel about them.

Customer service

While the company has received mixed reviews from customers, it maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. This means they must address all complaints. However, there have been reports of rude customer service representatives, delayed shipments, and wrong orders. While there isn’t a lot of negative feedback from Govmint customers, it’s certainly an issue worth looking into. Read on to find out how Govmint has handled the complaints of its customers.

To purchase from Govmint, you must first create an account, and then use the website as an eCommerce platform. Add items to your cart and then check out. You can then return or exchange items if they don’t match your specifications. The return policy for bullion items varies, but customers can exchange damaged items. To find out if Govmint is legitimate, read reviews on social media sites or the Better Business Bureau.


You can easily contact the owner of Govmint Shop through email. The social media pages are also very accessible, but no physical address is mentioned. The site uses the HTTPS protocol to ensure that customer information is secure, and the domain is saved in the safest server. Unlike other online stores, Govmint does not display a physical address, but provides an email address and phone number. The shipping policy is easy to view, as the website also provides links to its own insurance policies.

The shipping policy for Govmint is not specified on the site, but it is included in the shipping and processing fees. It is not clear whether the shipping fees include labor and materials, as well as carrier fees. The site also lacks the contact information of the owner, so you’ll have to contact them directly. However, this company does offer some services that may be of interest. Here are some of its pros and cons. You can check out Govmint Reviews to find out whether they are worth the trouble of signing up.

Trust score

A good way to determine the Trust Score of Govmint Reviews is to look at the BBB rating. The company has a 2.8-star rating, based on 26 reviews. Although a company’s rating is important, a few negative reviews can quickly lower the overall score. The BBB can hurt a company’s reputation if they receive a large number of negative reviews. However, there are several positive reviews about Govmint on social media. Customers have also rated the company highly, reporting good delivery and customer service.

The Govmint Shop has an email address but no physical address. It is also not easy to find out who owns the shop because it does not display reviews on its website. Fortunately, the site has a BBB A+ rating, but it lacks other details about its proprietor. Additionally, there are no reviews on Govmint Reviews, so it is difficult to tell if customers have had a positive or negative experience with the brand.

IRA services

There are a number of negative Govmint Reviews online. While they may seem attractive at first glance, you should be wary of their poor customer service and general disregard for their customers’ interests. They have a poor user interface and a lack of customer service, and the website is not very user-friendly. This could be the primary reason why some customers are not happy with the service offered by Govmint. To get a full picture of their services, you should read Govmint Reviews.

While this company has a good BBB rating, there are some complaints about their customer service. There were complaints about lost and damaged items, as well as low customer service. In addition, they have been criticized for raising the price of gold to above-spot levels and a few other negative aspects. Ultimately, the customer was unhappy with their experience with Govmint and would not recommend it to others. To improve their service, they need to hire better customer support representatives and improve their website.


In case you’re considering getting a property appraisal online, you’ve probably heard of Govmint. However, the business has only recently become a major player, with a long history and a very high BBB rating. Here’s a quick look at some of the things that you should know before you make a decision to use the Govmint Shop. Its BBB rating is 2.18, with 26 reviews, but you should be careful of its reputation since a few unfavorable reviews can quickly detract from a business’ reputation.

Data security

Govmint shops have multiple social media accounts and appear to be well-known in social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. While the website uses HTTPS protocol to protect customer data, it saves its domain name on a secure server. It is important to note that the website does not have a physical address, but does provide contact information such as email addresses and phone numbers. Customers can also review their customer policies and reviews by contacting the company by phone or email.

Customers have reported problems with privacy and security. Govmint customers have also complained about identity theft. While Govmint has not been directly linked to customer identity theft, data breaches are a common problem. In addition to data breaches, customers have also reported problems with rude customer service, delayed shipments, and wrong orders. These issues may require a company to upgrade their online security to protect customer data. Customers should also look for independent reviews from other users of Govmint’s services.

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