Baby Shower Gift Ideas For New Parents

If you’re not sure what to buy the newlyweds, consider a few items they’ll likely appreciate. Diaper caddies, activity mats, and other practical items are great baby shower gift ideas For New Parents. Some moms may feel guilty accepting help from friends and family, but they’ll surely appreciate the gesture. Babysitters can assist with toy organization. They can also help with a variety of other organization projects.

Diaper caddy

A diaper caddy is the latest in-thing for new parents. It helps moms-to-be to change diapers on the go by holding all of their baby necessities in one convenient place. The diaper caddy also comes with an attached changing pad and holds medicine and burp cloths. The stylish leather handle is both convenient and durable. The caddy is an ideal choice for a baby shower gift.

To make the gift even more useful, you can include an adorable little fabric mitten. New parents will go through many robes and blankets before they find The One. The mittens help keep the little one’s face clean and protected. Moreover, this gift will help the new parents put on and remove their socks in the comfort of their home. The diaper caddy is so cute and practical that it will surely become a favorite of the new parents.

In addition to the baby-safe swaddle blanket, a swaddle blanket is another useful gift. The new parents can use it as burp cloths, tummy time mats, regular blankets, and nursing covers. They can even use it as a nursing cover when they are breastfeeding. A baby shower gift for new parents should always include a useful item.

Countless Diapers And Changing Pads

For the parent-to-be, a reusable diaper bag is a practical baby shower gift idea. The new parents will appreciate the convenience of being able to quickly access everything while out and about. An odor-proof diaper bag will also save the parents from running to the garbage can often. Many diaper bags today also come with a portable sound machine to soothe babies on the go. So, consider a diaper caddy as a baby shower gift for new parents!

Purchasing a diaper caddy as a baby shower gift idea for new parents will save them from buying countless diapers and changing pads. New parents will appreciate practical gifts, since they will use them for several years. The cradle is an essential item, so a diaper caddy can come in handy after baby’s first few years. It also makes diaper changing easier. The new parents will surely love receiving a baby shower gift from friends.

Activity mats

Activity mats are a great choice for a variety of reasons, from stimulating play to soothing the tummy. Some mats feature interchangable parts for different stages of baby’s development. These mats also look stylish on a living room rug. Gift certificates for Amazon or other online baby stores are a wonderful way to purchase essentials for a new baby. The parents-to-be will love the convenience of using the gift card on purchases they need for the baby.

A fun option for new parents is an elephant print blanket. It adjusts for Moses baskets and strollers, and can even be draped over the rocking chair in the nursery. Also doubles as a play mat and is an award-winning patented activity gym. It can be used at playtime, tummy time, and anywhere else. Keith especially likes this play mat, which is made of 100% cotton for extra padding for wee ones.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas For New Parents

Another good option for a baby shower gift is an activity mat. Not only will the new parents love the gift, but they can use it for years to come. A brightly colored activity mat can also be used as a play mat for the baby to learn to love music. The new parents will be so happy to receive a personalized baby book. Wrapping a fabric book in a bow or a decorative band is a great way to add a personalized touch to this baby shower gift. And don’t forget to add pictures of the new baby!

An activity mat doubles as a napping pad and play center. It can be stored in the trunk of the car for easy transport and storage. Another gift idea for new parents is a wooden wall frame that adds a touch of brightness to the room. Numbered one to twelve, it can be used by the parents to paste a picture of their baby every month. Not only will the mom-to-be be ready for the baby’s arrival, but she will enjoy the endless smiles that come with it.

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