You can use Spotify to create digital receipts with Receptify. All you need is a Spotify account and a third-party plug-in. The generated receipt can be shared using social media, such as Instagram or Twitter. Afterward, you can download it to your computer. Moreover, this app will let you show your listening habits to friends. So, you can now make the most of your music experience. Read on to learn more about Receiptify.


The Receiptify and Spotify apps have partnered up to offer music lovers a new way to share their listening habits. Receiptify, created by Michelle Liu, creates a printable receipt of the top songs you’ve listened to in the past month, last six months, and all time. These receipts can be shared and printed using your preferred method, including email or a link in your account.

The Spotify receipt starts with a fake order number, name, and day, and a fake card number. The next screen will show you the top ten tracks played that day. The next screen will display a summary of each track, as well as its length. Once you’ve selected your favorite songs, you can share the receipt to social media sites to show your friends what music you’ve been listening to. Moreover, if you’ve downloaded Spotify, you can share the receipt with your friends through social media.

There are a few glitches, however. The download button may not function on mobile devices and you might need to save the receipt in a file to use later. You can, however, take a screenshot of your receipt and share it with your friends. There may be a few bugs with Receiptify, but the creator has assured users that they will be fixed soon. The creator of Receiptify has also shared on Twitter that some bugs are present.


Both apps are free. Receiptify and Spotify are very similar, but they do have some differences. Spotify wraps up its stats once a year. The Wrapped event is an exclusive event in which Spotify and Receiptify showcase their analysis of Spotify’s data. Both apps analyze Spotify’s data and offer free insights, which can be shared with friends and colleagues. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which one is right for you.

The Receiptify app works with both Apple Music and Spotify. All you need to do is log into Spotify with your login details, and the application will generate a receipt containing a list of your most-streamed tracks. The time spent listening to each track is cited along with the total amount of time the song is on your Spotify account. The amount charged will appear near the bottom of the receipt.

Third-party plug-in

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services, and now a new third-party plug-in, Receiptify, can turn your Spotify playlists into receipts. By integrating with your Spotify account, this plugin will show you which tracks you’ve streamed the most, and will also allow you to see the exact duration of each song. You can even see which songs were played for the longest time in your receipt!

To use Receiptify, you’ll need to sign in to your Spotify or Apple Music account. The app will then generate a receipt image based on the favor you choose. You can review, download, and share the receipt image through your social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter. While the download button may not work on mobile devices, you can still download receipt images and share them with your friends and family.

Receptify integrates with Spotify accounts and is hosted on Herokuapp. Once installed, it automatically generates receipts for the top tracks in Spotify for the last month, last six months, and all-time. You can also view track durations of all songs and see which ones are most popular among your friends. The app has been developed by a musician named Liu. It is currently available for download at the iTunes store and on the Spotify app itself.

The free version of Receiptify lets you download receipts from your Spotify playlists. You may have to take a screenshot of the receipt to view it in the app, but the creator has promised to fix this bug as soon as possible. However, the site is a great way to create receipts without having to leave Spotify. Just remember to use an incognito mode or use the latest browser version to avoid potential crashes.


With a few simple clicks, you can now download and share your receipts on social networks, without having to visit a website. Receiptify works on the web and in mobile browsers, but it does have a few limitations. For example, it is currently not possible to open it in an incognito tab. However, that will be resolved in the near future. You can also choose to download receipts from the past month or six months ago, depending on the frequency of use.

Spotify is a streaming audio service founded in 2006 by Martin Lorentzon and Daniel Ek. The service has hundreds of millions of monthly active users. Receiptify is based on this concept, and it has been gaining popularity on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. Its’receipt’ format offers a report on the music you listen to, which you can share with others.

The app has a separate view for each track you’ve purchased, allowing you to compare your listening habits over time. You can also download an image of the receipt to make it easier to share. Receiptify also offers the option of downloading a screenshot of the receipt if you’re unsure about how to upload it. The receipts you save are also available to share on social media sites.

Spotify users love to share their music playlists on social media. The app scans the best tunes and formats it into a receipt-like screenshot. It has become a mainstay on Instagram Stories every month. Herokuapp hosts the site. And the receipts you send will be visually stunning. If you aren’t using this app, now’s the time to change that. It’s time to make your receipts even more personal.

Showing listening habits

For years, people have been trying to figure out which songs they like to listen to the most, but Receiptify is a new way to find out. The website analyzes your listening habits and turns them into a visual representation. Your music selection will be categorized according to emotion, energy, key, and other factors. You can even see what kind of activity you have while listening to a track based on the time of day you listen to it.

Receiptify turns your Spotify receipt into a list of your favorite tracks. It was created by Michelle Liu, inspired by Instagram accounts such as @albumreceipts and @yvesguardian, which share the tracklist with their followers on their receipts. The application lets you see the top ten tracks you’ve been listening to, as well as how much time they’ve lasted.

Another app that uses Spotify for this purpose is Receiptify, which converts your Spotify listening habits into realistic till receipts. The app is hosted on Herokuapp. It generates a list of the top songs you’ve listened to over the past month, last six months, or for the entire year. The app also offers a feature that lets you share your music receipts online.

In addition to analyzing your Spotify listening habits, you can also share these receipts with your friends. In addition to sharing your receipts with your friends, Receiptify allows you to view a list of your favorite tracks, along with the artist, album, and genre. With these insights, you can make a better decision as to which artist to follow next. Receiptify also lets you download and share receipts with other Spotify users.

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