Types of Meat Carving Fork

Preparation of food is incomplete without a cooking tool and the right cooking method. And if meat has been placed on the menu of a special occasion or Christmas party, then make sure that you are slicing it correctly. You need a kitchen tool that can help you keep the meat stable as you slice it. 

Yes, you are thinking right, we are talking about Meat Carving Fork. A meat carving tool is an essential kitchen utensil taken into to carve meat, fish, or other poultry items. It is a two split carving tool with very sharp & long points so they can dig deep into the meat and keep it stable while cutting. Let’s know more about Carving forks and their types through this article. 

Meat Carving Fork – What is it?

A carving fork has a handle, generally two long prongs, while some carving forks feature three or four prongs. Each point comes with an inclusive sharp point and an angle at the end. The combination of sharp points and stable angle allows you to go deep into the meat. 

It can be used on almost every type of meat but is most commonly used to carve a turkey or whole chicken. Even its length is such that you can easily get the desired cut even if you hold a knife in your other hand and a fork in the other hand. Just like that, a Meat Carving Fork can be used on any table or kitchen countertop to very thinly and accurately cut any meat from a large chunk of ham to pork.

Meat carving forks are a unique kitchen tool, so are rarely used for anything other than carving a large batch of meat you want to carve. Like most speciality tools, they are very effective and allow the meat to reach the depths once cooked. 

The best carving set, including a carving knife and carving fork, is a valuable tool, so you’re likely to cook just one whole ham, turkey, or chicken. Not only for the carving qualities but these tools are also known to be long lasting, durable and safe for dishwasher use.

Like many cooking utensils and tools, there are two different versions of the meat carving fork, including a straight carving fork and a curved carving fork. Let us discuss how they differ from each other.

Types of Meat Carving Forks:

Carving forks are available in different lengths and sizes, so you can choose the fork based on the type of meat you want to prepare. The fork with two long pronged is perfect for stabling large items like whole hams and chicken. When it comes to carving forks, two shaped carving forks are available, including straight & curved carving forks. The difference between them is often people consider using the same one they are used to. Well, each type of fork has its benefits and uses.

Straight Carving Fork

Straight carving forks are the ancestors of pincers and are commonly used to pierce or manoeuvre meats that have been prepared to a high degree in a sauté pan. You never know where the points are going to enter, yet this type of fork helps make more precise cuts of meat. In addition, they are often used in BBQ cooking because the straight structure of the forks can easily stab meat and be positioned to dig in between grills compared to other types of forks.

Curved Carving Fork

Curved carving forks are functional because the points never interfere with cutting, and are ideal when used as utensil forks for lifting or taking casseroles, turkeys, etc. from the oven. With the help of a carving fork, you can get into the edge of the meat that is being carved.  Its hollow side is perfect for serving the food once cooked. You may still be able to use it to press the top of the meat, without digging into the meat. The curve design will help stabilize the meat in place.


A carving fork is thoughtfully designed so that you can hold the meat steady even when it is sliced ​​with a knife. The best meat carving fork enables users to make more clean and precise cuts of meat. So check out the two types of this effective tool before buying.


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