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7 Holiday Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses



7 Holiday Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Have you taken active steps to prepare your small company for Black Friday and Cyber Monday? The performance of your firm during the Christmas shopping season may set the tone for the remainder of the year and into the new year ahead. It is believed that Americans spend in excess of $465 billion on Christmas goods every year. As such, this is a time of the year that you don’t want to miss out on potentially high business earnings.

If you’re looking around for business marketing ideas for your small business this year. These seven holiday marketing ideas are just the ticket to help you increase your online presence, attract new clients, and significantly enhance sales!

Ensure you have search pages that are optimized for local search

According to the latest data, Google has experienced a 900% increase in local searches, and it is anticipated that this trend will not change any time soon. It is likely that many people will be interested in shopping local over the Christmas period; as such, you should focus on trying to secure a piece of that pie. Create or update your local business listings in internet directories like Google My Business, Bing Places, Yelp, and Yext to ensure they can locate your business. Also, don’t forget to include information in your business descriptions regarding Christmas discounts or unique services that will be available over the holidays!

Communicate your availability

You can use Google My Business to create special hours to let your clients know when you’ll be closed for a holiday without having to adjust your regular hours. For Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day, update your company hours so that internet searchers know when you’re open and available. If your small business will be closed for a long length of time, try posting a Google Post to notify clients of your absence and when you will return.

Get Your Website Ready

Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, more than 170 million Americans flock online to secure some big deals. In fact, Americans have been known to spend $7.4 billion on Black Friday alone. Make sure that your website can manage a surge in traffic and provide clients with a fantastic online shopping experience. So that they can take advantage of Black Friday discounts. As you prepare your website for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, make sure your return policy is up to date, and think about changing your hosting plan, installing pop-up offers, and upgrading your website plugins so that everything goes smoothly as traffic to your company website spikes.

Create content that is of use to members of your target market

Consider developing material that addresses issues that clients frequently encounter over the Christmas season. A local grocery shop, for example, may publish ideas for Christmas feasts or holiday drinks made using items available in the store. Alternatively, a home improvement business may post a YouTube video showing how to distribute deicing salt on roads and sidewalks. This material not only assists clients but may also help develop confidence in your brand so that they think of you when they’re ready to buy.

Optimize your E-commerce platforms

Because 60% of buyers anticipate doing at least half of their Christmas shopping online. Your website must be ready to provide a positive client experience. To help items appear in image search results, optimize all photos with ALT text and appropriate tags. Create gift recommendations that include intriguing product descriptions. You can also use a series of website pop-ups to highlight your unique offers and discounts. Also, search for methods to improve the performance of the overall page over a long-term basis. 

Send promotional emails

If you’ve been developing your email lists all year. The Christmas season is the ideal time to reap the benefits of your efforts. Because 59 percent of respondents think email marketing impacts their shopping decisions. Which providing targeted promos around the holidays might help boost sales. Consider creating limited-time offers and holiday sales for email subscribers only. Create holiday gift guide featuring your best selling items. Send “abandoned cart” emails to consumers who have expressed interest in but have not yet purchased things. Anything you can do to assist clients with the purchase process is beneficial!

Use social media to share your holiday photos

Share images of you and your employees getting ready for the holidays to give your company some personality. Share photos of your employees decorating the workplace. Which helping at a local food bank, and celebrating at a Christmas party on social media. These posts encourage client involvement and make your business more relatable. Also, be aware of all the many holidays that members of your client base celebrate. To show your care toward clients, take a time to write posts honoring diverse cultures and beliefs.

Use the spare time to check on your business insurance!

The end of the year is a good time to do audits on the costs of the business. And look back on how the business has gone over the year. A fixed cost for all business’ is there insurance which can be forgotten and paid each month, take this time to compare business insurance policies online to see if you can save some money or get more bang for your buck. 

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The Five Industries that Need High Risk Merchant Accounts




Five Industries that Need High Risk Merchant Accounts

It’s not easy being labeled as a high-risk merchant by your payment processor due to factors that put your business at a higher risk for fraud or chargebacks. 

This could also mean higher fees, stricter rules and more restrictions than the typical business. So, what are the five industries that need high-risk merchant accounts?


32% of American families own a gun and they invest in one to protect their household, do target shooting and for recreation. This is why it’s not surprising that the firearms industry is now worth more than $5.5 billion. 

But while there is good business in firearms, a lot of banks still consider it high risk. Because of several gun laws and just the nature of the business, which can be quite risky.

Adult entertainment

 Although the world has now accepted adult entertainment as a legitimate business. A lot of mainstream banks and financial institutions still shy away from these types of companies mainly due to reputational risk. 

They don’t want to be affiliated with a business that’s selling adult films and employs porn stars. Since this is still a controversial issue for some.


Smoking may be legal in America, but this industry is still considered one of the riskiest by payment processors. Because of its long history with fraud. A lot of tobacco, vape and e-cigarette businesses have very high chargeback rates, not to mention the stricter regulations and taxes now being imposed in this industry.


We all know how high the risks are for businesses selling liquor and hard alcohol. Aside from complying with strict laws, being an alcohol merchant also means that you’re at a higher risk for selling alcohol to underage consumers.

That’s the reason why most traditional financial institutions and banks will easily tag liquor and hard alcohol businesses as high-risk due to the nature of the business itself.


There is a huge demand for nutraceutical products these days. Especially with the pandemic prompting people to live a healthier lifestyle. But nutraceutical companies are still considered high-risk merchants. Since they have high chargeback rates due to false claims and some businesses also don’t have a clear fine print on their free trial programs.

A lot of these nutraceutical companies also don’t have a proper description for their products, and it leads to unfulfilled expectations that could cause some consumers to file for a chargeback.

Although being tagged as a high-risk merchant means that it will take a longer time to find a good payment processor. You might need to pay higher fees, you should never be intimidated by it because you always have the chance to prove that you can be tagged as a regular merchant. 

Always apply the best practices when processing payments, train your team to spot any fraudulent purchases. And make sure that you always put customer satisfaction first. 

This way, you’re not only avoiding high chargeback rates but you’re also building better credibility for your business.




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Top Tips When Choosing a Personal Super Fund



Top Tips When Choosing a Personal Super Fund

Choosing the right personal super fund is a big decision, and it can be difficult to know where to start. When it comes to choosing a super fund, there are a few things that you should think about. For example, selecting a Self-Managed Super Fund should be done systematically to avoid mistakes and help you make the best investment decision.

The key to success and satisfaction in your super fund is to ensure that you invest in the right type of funds. This is because different types of funds have different return rates, so it’s important to choose the right kind.

 Choose a fund with low fees

Fees are what you have to pay for the privilege of investing in a fund. Although fees are important, they shouldn’t be so high that they eat away at your earnings. It’s good practice to choose a super fund that charges low fees because it won’t cost much but will still give you satisfactory returns.

 Choose funds with no-frills

Funds with too many frills are probably overpriced. Think of it this way: You want to get value for money, so look for a Self-Managed Super Fund that offers you all the features you need without adding unnecessary extras. A good investment is one with no-frills since it will provide you with more than you need without breaking the bank.

 Choose a fund with previous success

This doesn’t mean that you should only invest in funds that have had good returns, but it’s simply a matter of checking the performance history. You can actually easily determine the success rate of any super fund by using its investment track record to analyse risk and reward ratios. By comparing past returns with current performances, you’ll get a good idea of how successful the fund has been in the past.

 Choose a fund with high returns

It’s important to remember that the returns are always linked to risk. So you need to know your tolerance level before you make any investment decision, especially if it’s something as sensitive as a personal super fund. A high-return fund usually has higher risks than other funds, so check with the company or financial adviser for more information.

 Be sure to do proper research

It’s important to have all the information you need before making any big decisions. Do your research and obtain as much information from various sources, including financial advisers, online resources, financial newspapers and magazines, books written by experts on investing in funds, etc. Always be sure to get your facts right when doing some background reading on fund performance.

 Consider putting your money in an index-tracking investment or stock-tracking investment

By doing this, you are giving your super fund the best chance of success. Index-tracking investments are tied to an index that is based on a predetermined list of companies or stocks. As a result, these investments represent an entire market instead of following the rise and fall of individual stock prices. 

Consider taking advantage of tax benefits

If you are concerned about your tax, there are benefits of having a super fund that provides you with considerable tax relief. In addition, many tax incentives can help reduce the cost of managing your investment portfolio. 

Choose the right investment strategy

This is very important because it’s different for everyone depending on age, income, and risk tolerance. It would help if you never tried to predict the market because it is usually impossible. Instead, it would be best to invest according to your goals and how much risk you can tolerate.

If you follow these tips, you’ll be able to choose the right investment strategy that will work best for your super fund. Just remember not to put your pension before your personal needs because it has to be both safe and reliable.

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