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How to Download Scam 1992 Web Series for Free



scam 1992 torrent

Scam 1992 Torrent : After the trailer release of Scam 1992, the web series has built a huge fan base to watch. The real-life story of great scammer Harshad Mehta from the 90s on the OTT platform. Everybody knows the name Harshad Mehta known as the Bachchan of Stock Market during 1980-1990. Who was involved in the biggest Share Market Scam. The storyline depicted by the creators and actors will catch your eye and will leave you amazed to watch the next episode. If you have missed watching, here you can download Scam 1992 torrent for free or watch it online.

The web Series Scam 1992 Torrent for Free

The great story has been taken and elaborated by the journalist Sucheta Dalal and Debashish Basu’s book titled.  The Scam- Who Won, Who Lost, Who Got Away.

Download Scam 1992

You can download and watch Scam 1992 for free and encounter the condition of the Indian Banking System in late 1990 with the involvement of the Stock Market but the journalists worked on the ground to uncover the loophole.

Genre Biography, Crime, Drama
IMDB Rating 9.6/10
Total Episodes 10
Premier on 9 Oct 2020
Directed by Hansal Mehta, Jai Mehta



The epic story of  Harshad Mehta, and his involvement in the biggest scam of the Stock Market worth 500 crores in 1992.  Due to the charges, he was jailed and the prolonged investigation of different agencies, at last, he died in jail in 2001 due to a heart attack. He has lived a lavish life with massive personal belongings. If you are also curious to watch the Scam 1992 free online, we have listed all the episodes here in full HD quality.

Scam 1992 Watch Online Free

Historical Scam 1992 is recreated by the pro producer Hansal Mehta featuring Pratik Gandhi living the character of Harshad Mehta. Leaving the most famous shows behind, Scam 1992 has set its own records and made the audience search to download and watch Scam 1992 for free.

scam 1992 watch online

Scam 1992 Download With All Episode List


Episode No. 1 Risk Se Ishq
Episode No. 2 Cobra Killer
Episode No. 3 Paise Ki Dukaan
Episode No. 4 Harshad Mehta Is A Liar
Episode No. 5 Kundli Mein Shani
Episode No. 6 Stop Press
Episode No. 7 Dalal Street Ke Dariya
Episode No. 8 Matador

The storyline of Scam 1992

The beginning of the story will take you to the job life of Harshad Mehta at the Bombay Stock Exchange in 1979. While this simple guy with big dreams lives with his family in the Mumbai local Chawl small apartment. To accomplish his big dreams he never settled up in chunks but had the courage to earn bigger by any means of work.

scam 1992 web series download

As his job started at Bombay Stock Exchange firstly he learns all games about stock trading from his fellow jobber Bhushan. He was inspired by the icon Manu Mundhra and wanted to play even bigger than him and decided to leave his job to become a broker. He started to earn big by using his tricks whether illegal or insider trading and moved with his family to a big house.

With the rise of money, his greediness also rises. So he chooses to take huge risks to earn more and grow more. He has all the weapons of wisdom, experience, willpower, passion, and crookedness in the game of the stock market. Even after facing the huge loss of 10 lacs, he didn’t stop. He opened a consultancy company of the stock market and then earned the title of the Bachchan of BSE. Meet the historical character Harshad Mehta by downloading Scam 1992 for free.

Rise of Harshad Mehta

In his journey of money-making with illegitimate ways. The financial journalist Sucheta Dalal entered the story to expose his scams but at the time, she has no evidence to prove this. By the process, Harshad dealt with the big banks like SBI, Canara, etc. for investment and good returns but he invested the money illegally in the stock market to earn high returns by increasing the share value of the companies like ACC, Polo, etc.

Rise of Harshad Mehta

But RBI started to overlook the bank credits and issued a warning for the banks. As a result of this, the banks weren’t allowed to give money to Harshad. But he was never playing not to stop anywhere so started trading with the bonds. After making the personal property worth 4000 crores he became the highest taxpayer in India.  That’s where his activities came into notice.

Soon SBI reported a 500 crore scam with Harshad involvement and this reveals the loopholes of the Indian Banking System. The prolonged investigation by various investigation agencies begins with Harshad Mehta settled in jail. And in 2001, he reached the final end of his life due to a heart attack.

Download Scam 1992 torrent and watch for free and enjoy the epic biography including all the episodes in good HD quality.

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This Website is not intended to promote or condone piracy in any way whatsoever. Piracy is an act of crime and is considered to be a serious offense under the Copyright Act of 1957. This page aims to inform and encourage the general public to be safe from acts of piracy. We also ask you not to encourage or engage in any form of piracy.

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Celebrity News

Kountry Wayne net worth 2020-2021, Kids, Age, Baby Mamas, Wife, Girlfriend




Kountry Wayne net worth

Kountry Wayne net worth still want to know?? In this article we are talking about all hidden details and facts about Kountry Wayne net worth 2021, Kountry Wayne Kids, Kountry Wayne Age, Baby Mamas, Wife, Girlfriend.

Wayne is a comedian and social media star from the United States. On his social media channels, such as Instagram, Kountry Wayne is well-known for his entertaining sketch videos. Wayne Colley is his real name, but he is popularly known by his stage name King Kountry Wayne.

Kountry has a huge fan base all around the world, with more than 3 million Instagram followers and 7 million Facebook followers. He has  a successful career as a standup comedian that he is now considered a significant celebrity. 

Emma Kenney Net Worth

Some Facts About Kountry Wayne


Real Name Wayne Colley
Nick Name King Kountry Wayne
Age 33 years old
Date of Birth December 9, 1987
Family Name Colley
Place of Origin Waynesboro, Georgia, United States
Birth Sign Sagittarius
Gender Male
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Fluently Speaks English
Ethnicity Afro-American
Profession(s) Actor, Comedian

Kountry Wayne Early Life and Kountry Wayne Net worth in beginning 

On December 9, 1987, in Waynesboro, Georgia, United States, Kountry Wayne was born. He hasn’t revealed anything about his parents, his former life, or his academic achievements. Kountry Wayne graduated from Jenkins Country High School in Georgia, although he did not continue his studies after high school.

Kountry Wayne was up with his four brothers and has an African American accent. Prince Tay, Crenshaw Coley, QB, and D’Arby follow his brother’s names.

Nonetheless, he described his father as a strong supporter of him in one of his interviews. His father is likewise suspected of having served time in prison.

Kountry Wayne Education Details


High School Jenkins County High School
University Not Attended
Academic Qualification High School Graduate

Mozzy Net Worth

Kountry Wayne Age and Kountry Wayne Height: 

Kountry Wayne was born on 9 December 1987. Now, Kountry Wayne Age is 33 years. Kountry Wayne Height is 5 feet and 7 inches (170 centimeters) or 1.7 in Meters. His weight is 70 Kilograms or 154 in lbs.

Kountry Wayne age

Summary of Kountry Wayne Physical Statistics

Kountry Wayne Height in Feet 5 feet 7 inches
Kountry Wayne Weight in Kg 70 kg
Kountry Wayne Height in Meter 1.7 m
Kountry Wayne Weight in Lbs 154 lbs
Shoe Size (US) 8
Measurement 38-32-31
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black

Kountry Wayne Net Worth With  Personal Life and Kountry Wayne Kids :

When it comes to Kountry Wayne’s relationships, he has had numerous relationships. Furthermore, he already has ten children from several baby mothers. Kountry’s wife Gene, in addition to his previous partners, became well-known on social media.

Kountry Wayne married Gena Colley in 2017 and they have two children, Honest Dream Colley and Melissa. Their relationship ended later owing to his previous indiscretions with stand-up comedian Jess Hilarious, and they chose to split in 2007. (2019). Aside from that, Kountry became a father when he was 17 years old, and as of 2021, he has ten children with over five baby mothers. We have no idea about Kountry Wayne net worth at that time.

 Christiana, Melissa Colley, Honest Colley, Temar Colley, Tony Colley, and others are some of his children’s names.

Being a father at a young age, according to Kountry Wayne, encouraged him to strive hard towards his purpose.


Kountry and Jess Hilarious’ Relationship: 

When Wayne divorced his wife, things began to fall apart. Gena publicly called jess a homewrecker, which was very irritating for Jess, so she cleared her name on Instagram. Wayne was criticized by his fans, who also threatened him. Wayne said that he will live his life as per his needs and he was more concerned about the well-being of his children. His relationship with Jess deteriorated after she accused him of cheating. Wayne spent Valentine’s Day with his children, which Jess won’t enjoy because his ex was also present there.

Kountry Wayne Girlfriend

Jessica and Wayne were very honest about their relationship from the beginning. However, after a few months of dating, all of their photos vanished from Jess’ Instagram. The couple spent a lot of time together before announcing their split in February 2019. Jess responded to a fan’s comment on one of her Instagram posts, stating that Wayne is her best friend. Jessica mentioned in her interviews that she has known him for a long time and that they are ‘Friends.’ The comedy power couple didn’t last very long, but they’re still friends. 

Kountry Wayne Relationship Status

Girlfriend Single
Marital Status Divorced
Wife Divorced
Son(s) Not Specified
Daughter(s) Under Review

Sauce Walka Net Worth

Kountry Wayne Career

Initially, Kountry was more interested in music. After failing to achieve success in music, he found a standup comedy act more interesting. Wayne did, in fact, publish a comedy video on Facebook in 2014. Fortunately, his first video became viral, which enhanced his confidence.  Since then, he has been performing stand-up comedy. He’s even appeared in a few stand-up comedy shows.

Wayne has also acted in some films. He has appeared in the films such as “The Turnaround,” “Holiday Heartbreak,” and “Brazilian Wavy.” Additionally, he has appeared in a few TV shows, including “DJ Smallz Eyes.” and  “Wild ‘N Out.”

Kevin Evans in The Turnaround (2017) and Wild Bill in Holiday Heartbreak are two of his significant film roles (2020). In addition, he portrayed the role of Man in Barbershop in the 2016 film Brazilian Wavy.

Kountry Wayne net worth 2021

Similarly, on May 12, 2021, he made a humorous video and shared it on Instagram. The video’s title is “Drip went back to his former workplace and asked the boys to work for him!” In three days, it has received over 700,000 views. He has been consistently displaying his comedic side by creating videos and posting them on Instagram.

Kountry Wayne Net Worth:

According to some sources Kountry Wayne net worth is expected to be $2 million as of 2021. Despite the fact that he earns more than $100,000 every year.

He is said to have made a lot of money from his standup career. Aside from that, he has some merchandise where he sells hoodies and T-shirts. For marketing his items, he used the tagline “Let That Sizzle in Your Spirit,” which also includes his signature.

When a journalist asked Kountry if he ever considered stopping after a certain number of children, his response was priceless.

Kountry stated that he takes care of his children, pays child support, and has enough of money left over.

That reveals a lot about his current financial situation.

Furthermore, on his 16th birthday, Kountry gave his first-born son, Tony, a 2022 850 BMW.

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Celebrity News

Nickmercs Net Worth in 2021: How Much Does the Twitch Streamer Make in a Year?




nickmercs net worth

Nickmercs Net Worth ?? Still you want to know the right answer of this question. Here you are at the right place to ask this question.

First of all Nick Kolcheff aka Nickmercs The most popular Twitch streamer in the world. Basically he is from Michigan USA. He has made himself titled Call of Duty: Warzone, Apex Legends, Fortnite, and many more. It’s been more than ten years since he is streaming on Twitch resulting in a massive fanbase. He is one of the co-owners of the iconic Esports Organization Faze Clan. 


Nickmercs is widely known as the best Call of Duty streamers. He has the title of Gear of War Pro who won three MLG Tournaments. Nickmercs also Known for his aggressive gaming skills. He yields a huge amount of revenue in a year. That’s why there is huge number of young gamer want to know Nickmercs net worth. Now, Nickmercs is living his lavish life . 

The rise of Nickmercs:


Nickmercs was a hard-working student-athlete in his school life as his dad is a high-school football coach. At a very young age, Nickmercs fell in love with gaming but his family did not approve initially. 

how much does nickmercs make

He then started as the professional Gear of War and Halo player in the late 2000s to prove his worth. Together with his team TH3 NASAN3Z, he went on to claim MLG Anaheim, MLG Dr. Pepper, and MLG Orlando National Championships titles. From here the rise of Nickmercs has been started. In earlier Nickmercs net worth is little but with the time it grow rapidly.

In 2010, Nickmercs started streaming on Twitch, early known as He gathered a few followers and then started a YouTube channel where he continued to upload Call of Duty content. In one year, Nickmercs attained his name on YouTube. His followers call themselves MFAM.

In 2017, he gained popularity when Fortnite got released and became a pro player and streamer. Later on the next year 2018, he joined the 100 thieves as a content creator. His team broke the kill record in Fortnite and began to reach the height of their career.

Nick game play

In 2019 after falling out with Nadeshot, he joined FaZe Clan. Now he ranks the biggest Twitch streamer with the top three number of subscribers in the world. He has created a massive brand with his massive channel and FaZe Clan. We will tell you more about how much money Nickmercs earn by sponsorship and streaming?


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What is Nickmercs height and age:


NIckmercs was born on November 21, 1990. He is a 30 years old successful streamer with huge yearly revenue. This bodybuilder Nickmercs height is 5’8” but the age and his height would not effect NIckmercs net worth.

Nickmercs awards:


For his outstanding gaming skills, Nickmercs has been nominated for a load of awards. In January 2020, he was named the “Twitch Streamer of the Year”. Also in the same year, he was nominated for the Streamer of the Year award in Esports Award 2020. 

How much does Nickmercs earn every year

He won the Live Streamer Award at the 10th Annual Streamy Awards for his hilarious content.  Adding to the list of achievements, he also won the Multitudes of Esports Competitions including winning the first prize at the Toronto Ultra Warzone Tournament.

Nickmercs wife and Children:

Nickmercs wife

Currently, Nickmercs has been in a relationship with Emumita Bonita for a few years now the couple has been together with whom he proposed during a Twitch live. The couple exchanged their rings on October 13th, 2020.

More about Nickmercs streaming setup:


Nickmercs has one of the best setups for his streaming that is built by the top contractors. The setup is so perfectly designed that it takes the stream to the next level.

Nickmercs’ main display is Alienware AW2518H monitor that includes an add-on screen above the setup. He uses multiple cameras for switching and displaying the different angles of the room during the stream. Logitech Brio has been highlighted over all of them.

 Nickmercs’ extra gadgets include Astro A40s, a Shure SM7B microphone, and his Scuf Infinity4PS Pro MFAM controller. The main PC also consists of an Intel I9-9900K, an Asus GeForce RTX 2080TI, and 32GB of G.Skill Tridentz RGB Series.

What are Nickmercs Controller Settings for Gaming?


People always want to know about Nickmercs’ game controller settings on different streaming platforms. Let’s know about the gaming controllers:

Nickmercs Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Settings

Here We introduce best gaming controller setting recommended by Nickmercs. You can also use these setting for winning games like a pro player. 

Nickmercs Controller Settings for Display


Display mode Fullscreen
Render Resolution 100
V-Sync Disabled
Display Gamma 2.2
Texture Resolution High
Texture Filter Anisotropic Low
Particle Quality Low
Tessellation Disabled

Nickmercs controller settings

Nickmercs Controller Settings For Weapons


Bullet Impacts and Sprays Enabled
Cache Spot Shadows Enabled
Cache Sun Shadows Enabled
Particle Lighting Low
Shadow Map Resolution Low
Anti-Aliasing Disabled
DirectX Raytracing Disabled
Ambient Occlusion Disabled
Low Zoom ADS Sensitivity Multiplayer 1.00
High Zoom ADS Sensitivity Multiplayer 1.00


Controller Settings For Buttons by Nickmercs


Deadzone 0.20
Horizontal Stick Sensitivity 6
Vertical Stick Sensitivity 6
Aim Assist Standard
Invert Vertical Look Disabled
Control Vibration Disabled
BR Button Layout Tactical
Aim Response Curve Type Standard

What is the net worth of Nickmercs?


Nickmercs has multiple accounts on different platforms including Twitch, YouTube, Personal, Faze Clan sponsorships, merchandise, and many more. He also has a bunch of sponsors Barstool Sportsbook,  Scuf-gaming, G-FUEL. Currently Nickmercs net worth is approx $9 million. He has a massive income on many social media platforms also.


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What is Nickmercs Net Worth on Twitch and YouTube?


Nickmercs makes an income of around $3.50 from every subscriber he gets. He is being considered the top-tier streamer so most of his income comes from Twitch. Beyond that, he also earns from the donations ($5 minimum) and from the advertisements around ($10-$20 per 1000 views).

What is the net worth of Nickmercs

Nickmercs earns around $6000-$10000 per month from Twitch advertisements. He also earns extra money from the cheers on Twitch. 

Nickmercs’ YouTube channel has around 3840,000 subscribers where he updates daily and receives around 800K views per video. As an estimation, Nickmercs’ YouTube channel makes around $90,000 per month. 

How much does Nickmercs earn every year?


Summing up all his revenue from different sources Nickmercs earns around $1.50 million per year. Which successfully devotes to lead him to a luxurious life in Key West, Michigan.

More about Nickmercs Merch:


To catch the Nickmercs Merch you will have to head over to Faze Clan Store. There are many times when his collections are limited so keep an eye on every edition.


He also has a limited edition controller PS4 for sale on his list.

Final Words


In this article, we introduce a short journey of Nickmercs. If we missed any details, please comment below. Our request is to share this article with all game lover and Nickmercs fans. They also want to know more about Nickmercs Net Worth and his life also.


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Celebrity News

Kali Muscle Net Worth in 2021: Age, Height, Weight, Biography, Wife, Girlfriend, Wiki and Career Details and Many More




Kali Muscle Net Worth

Kali Muscle Net Worth | Kali Muscle Height Kali Muscle Wife | Kali Muscle Girlfriend : Chuck Kirkendall known by the celebrated name Kali Muscle is an American bodybuilder who became famous for his inspirational life journey starting from the rags to riches. Not only a bodybuilder, but Kali Muscle is an actor, philanthropist, and motivational speaker.

Being the persona as a social reformer with the great inspiration he has lived and risen in poverty and disgraced society. He fought with the incredible willpower that made him more powerful and successful in multiple talents. People follow him as a multitasker and often search for Kali Muscle’s net worth.

Kali Muscle Biography

Maybe you know about Kali Muscle and follow his ideas and inspiration in real life but do you know about Kali Muscle’s age, weight, and other details? If not, we have researched and compiled all the data that will give a brief knowledge about Kali Muscle. Here, you will get all the answers about how old Kali Muscle is and all his career difficulties.

kali muscle height

                                                                  Kali Muscle                                                     


Rеаl / Full Nаmе Сhuсk “Каlі Мuѕсlе” Кіrkеndаll
Nісk/Celebrated Nаmе Каlі Мuѕсlе
Віrth Рlасе Oakland, Саlіfоrnіа, Unіtеd Ѕtаtеѕ
Date Of Віrth 18 Fеbruаrу 1975
Аge   46 уеаrѕ оld
Неіght 178 сm (6′ 2″)
Wеіght 110 Кg (230 lbѕ)
Gender Male
Еуе Соlоr Вluе
Наіr Соlоr Вlоndе
Раrеntѕ name    N/A
Ѕіblіngѕ 2 Ѕіblіngѕ
Ѕсhооl N/A
Соllеgе  N/A
Rеlіgіоn Сhrіѕtіаn
Nаtіоnаlіtу Аmеrісаn
Zоdіас Ѕіgn Аquаrіs
Ѕехuаl Оrіеntаtіоn Ѕtrаіght
Маrіtаl Ѕtаtuѕ Маrrіеd
Gіrlfrіеnd    N/А
Wіfе/Ѕроuѕе Nаmе  Неlеnа Vlаdіѕаvlјеvіс [2016 –рrеѕеnt]
Кіdѕ/Сhіldrеn Nаmе  Вrооkе Тауlоr Кіrkеndаll, Каlі Мuѕсlе Кіrkеndаll ІІ
Рrоfеѕѕіоn Fаmоuѕ Аmеrісаn Bоdуbuіldеr, Aсtоr, Mоtіvаtіоnаl, Sреаkеr, аnd Phіlаnthrоріѕt
Nеt Wоrth $5 Міllіоn
Book   X-Con to Icon
Lаѕt Uрdаtеd  Аuguѕt 2021

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Kali Muscle Height and Weight

As of now, Kali Muscle’s age is 46 years old. Kali muscle height is 1.78 m (6′ 2″ in feet) of tall height. Kali Muscle’s body weight is 230 lbs. that weighs approx. 110 kg. Now your questions about the Kali Muscle age, height, and weight have been answered. Let’s talk about his journey from becoming nothing to a superstar.


how old is kali muscle

How Old is Kali Muscle


Kali Muscle Age and Early Life

The well-known bodybuilder Kali Muscle was born on 18 Fеbruаrу 1975 in Oakland, Саlіfоrnіа, Unіtеd Ѕtаtеѕ. He was raised by his mother and his stepfather with a drastic childhood experience. He faced mistreatment from his stepfather. Also, he grew up in a hard-core neighborhood that was full of criminals without any chances of developing potential.

This made him carry a gun from his elementary school times. He was a fitness freak from a very young age so joined a gym in his neighborhood. When his elder brother shot himself with his gun, he was drained financially. So Kali Muscle chose the path to become a criminal.

Involving in unlawful activities, Kali Muscle was arrested and imprisoned for 11 years. In prison, Kali Muscle enriched his passion for bodybuilding with more effort. He used his free time in jail to work out and built his impressive physique with 230lbs. When the prison authorities removed all the weights, then Kali muscle used to practice lifting his inmates instead of weights. Kali Muscle age is 46 Years in 2021.

Kali Muscle Education

There is no such information about his schooling except that he has completed his education from elementary school. Here he has a great interest in football, track, basketball, and wrestling.

Corel Draw x5 Free Download Full Version With Crack Kickass

Kali Muscle Net Worth in His Career 

Kali Muscle used indigenous ways of exercising and after being released from prison, he moved to Los Angeles to become a professional bodybuilder and actor. He got a role in Matthew MC McConaughey’s directed music video. This made him popular enough that opened the door to get him several opportunities in movies, TV, and commercials.

Kali Muscle appeared in the branded products such as Bell, Comcast, Honda, Snickers, and Taco. Some advertisements revealed him as a great actor when Kali was seen in a Car Insurance Company’s ad and as a Traffic- Controller in Geico.

Later on, Kali Muscle began his YouTube channel which is popular with more than one million subscribers. He mostly uses his channel to alert his audience about health-related tips, nutrition, bodybuilding ideas. His channel also has some music videos, Mukbags, and short skits. Kali Muscle’s channel plays a big role to raise awareness that youngsters abstain from drug use and certain crimes.

His life is full of inspirations to the youngsters out there to not be afraid of falling and rising again. He also published a book name X-Con to Icon. Also, Kali Muscle has received the award of Mr. California as a Philanthropist.

Is Kali Muscle a Steroid User? 

Kali Muscle mainly focuses on a natural bodybuilding diet rather than taking steroids and other supplements. He emphasizes drinking plenty of water to remain fit and healthy. He is a motivational speaker due to his vast talent in different aspects.

Biography Kali Muscle

Kali Muscle Wife | Kali Muscle Girlfriend | Personal Life

Kali Muscle has been straight and opens in his personal life for his fans and followers. His first wife was Dvyne Beverly who was an R&B singer. They both had a strange relationship. Later on, they get divorced due to his current wife. But Dvyne did not acknowledge the divorce and so she decided to hold back the process.

Kali Muscle has no girlfriend. His current wife is Helena Vlad who met at the fitness expo. The couple soon announced their love on social media. Now, they are legally married with two kids. Yet Kali Muscle is devoted to his ex-wife and both run a YouTube channel together.

What is Kali Muscle Net Worth and The salary ? 

His wealth is the result of his hard efforts he has given his whole life for, but not everything he is aiming for. As of 2021, Kali Muscle net worth is $5 million that is because of his talent and works in Televisions, commercials, and movies. His YouTube channel also yields a good amount of money. He always motivates others that if you have a strong determination to your goals, you can rise from nobody to somebody just like he did.

Technoblade Socialblade

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